Weekly e-commerce tips September 26, 2016

This week we found a few good articles we think might help those who are trying to find new ways to improve their site and increase conversions.

First up we have an important part of any website, A/B testing! If you aren’t the most mathematically inclined person, here is a guide to help you easily figure out what your data is telling you!

Next in line, we have a good read on where to put some of that hard-earned money, on-line advertising! Should you spend money on Adwords or Facebook ads? A great question, especially with the rise in mobile e-commerce and the perceived slight decline in Adwords ROI, this article is worth a read.

For our 3rd tip, we have a reading list for the Fall. We know usually students get a Summer reading list, but I’m sure most of us were outside enjoying the amazing weather.

Last up, you may have noticed a larger and larger trend towards social media marketing and mobile e-commerce sales. This article gives you a dozen new tools to help with your social media marketing efforts, in hopes to acquire new customers!

That’s all for this week! Check in next week for more useful tips for your e-commerce store!