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Shopify Tips and Tricks

Are you a Shopify user but aren’t very tech savvy? As a Shopify partner, we understand that not everything is a simple as one, two, three, but because Shopify is so well designed and thought out you can usually watch a video or two to learn what you need to. Speaking of videos, we found a few that we thought might help you if you are trying to use some of the advanced features Shopify has to offer!

The missing menu!

This article has a useful tip, a video detailing how to locate and add a missing menu to your shopper’s experience. This menu allows you to add the option of being able to create an account, to make future shopping easier.

Pro tips!

This video interviews a UK woman who started her own Shopify store, and has some pretty good tips for those looking to increase your aptitude for e-commerce.

This video is a great interview with a Shopify expert who gives some good info on how to increase your e-commerce conversions.

High-risk and Shopify?

If you are affected by the fact that Shopify’s plug and play processing does have some limits in terms of prohibited categories and allowable products check out this post to learn how to sign up for high-risk friendly Shopify credit card processing.