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WooCommerce payment gateways for tactical gear and survival sites –

Tactical gear and survival product sales are picking up pace across the US, and e-commerce sales play a huge part in the industry’s growth. That said, finding the right high-risk friendly payment gateway for tactical gear sales is still a challenge.

Without the right advice, it’s often difficult to accept debit and credit card payments for tactical products and survival gear. This is where WooCommerce can add payment flexibility and be a fantastic option for your tactical gear business.

WooCommerce is a favorite of ours here at Tasker Payment Gateways LLC because it makes our job easier. As an A+ rated, BBB accredited business, we have helped site owners with payment gateways and processing recommendations since 2002, and WooCommerce allows for payment provider flexibility like few other solutions.

There are excellent payment gateways out there that work for tactical gear websites. You just need to find e-commerce software and a platform that works, have one of our trusted agents set up the back-end of the payment gateway correctly, and you’ll be able to accept credit card payments successfully.

Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry, we can help. You can contact us here, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. We’re here to make your life easier and offer free, no-obligation advice and insights into the best high-risk payment gateway for your website. We’ll help you find and set up a high-risk payment gateway that works for your unique needs and business.

For now, let’s see how WooCommerce can be an excellent solution for your high-risk tactical e-commerce business.

Our WooCommerce track record for high-risk site owners

Over the years, we’ve come to work with hundreds of e-commerce merchants who swear by the WooCommerce/WordPress combination. As a result, many years ago, we began investigating and found that WooCommerce is an exceptionally good fit for high-risk e-commerce. This is why we often recommend WooCommerce for a wide range of high-risk businesses.

It’s important to keep in mind that when selling tactical gear and similar tactical products, your business is in the high-risk category.

Essentially, this means you need to take some different steps than more standard e-commerce sites – even when you’re using high-risk friendly e-commerce software like WooCommerce.

The right high-risk payment gateway setup and processing

WooCommerce makes it easy to connect your e-commerce store with suitable payment gateways. Most high-risk merchants find that WooCommerce is both an accommodating and flexible e-commerce solution.

As a tactical gear website owner, you need to make sure you use and integrate your e-commerce site with a payment gateway that specializes in high-risk processing. The great thing about WooCommerce is that it easily integrates with two payment gateways that work perfectly with high-risk industries. We’ll get back to them in a minute.

If you’re feeling that this is a lot to take in and you’re unsure how you proceed to make sure your payment processing works, don’t worry. We’re always happy to help you integrate your payment gateway with WooCommerce. Simply contact us here for no-obligation advice on your tactical business’ needs.

Why WooCommerce is great for tactical gear and product e-commerce

As we’ve mentioned, WooCommerce is a great fit for tactical gear e-commerce. We’ve already touched on the fact that it integrates smoothly with a couple of great high-risk payment gateways. Now it’s time to go into a little more detail.

Open source and e-commerce flexibility

One of WooCommerce’s greatest strengths is that it’s open source. As a consequence, they take on less liability than other comprehensive e-commerce platforms and solutions.

This means that WooCommerce doesn’t have a defined “restricted business” list, like so many other e-commerce solutions. Instead, they have Terms and Conditions – which you’ll need to follow. However, they are far less restrictive than most other alternatives out there.

In short, WooCommerce removes roadblocks from your tactical gear e-commerce site’s payment processing.

Authorize.Net & NMI high-risk payment gateway options

The best thing about using WooCommerce for tactical gear e-commerce is that it integrates very smoothly with two high-risk payment gateways. Namely, Authorize.Net and NMI.

Integrating these two gateways is very simple and straightforward. However, you should evaluate which one you choose based on your business’ unique needs.

NMI is one of our most recommended high-risk payment gateways as it offers some unique features. We recommend it for high-risk businesses that offer very different product types, and tactical gear e-commerce sites can greatly benefit from NMI. It will allow you to manage different merchant accounts for product types and sites that differ in risk, like camo-outerwear vs. hunting knives.

We often recommend the Authorize.Net high-risk payment gateway for a wide range of high-risk businesses. It’s an excellent payment gateway for high-risk when set up correctly on the back end, but its true value comes to the forefront when you’re familiar with all of its features. We’re more than happy to give you a walkthrough, and explain all the unique features in easy to understand terms. Contact us anytime to learn how to make Authorize.Net “tactical site friendly.”

Start accepting payments on your tactical site with WooCommerce

Tactical gear and survival product e-commerce sites have a lot to gain from using WooCommerce. Not only does WooCommerce make it possible to run your high-risk e-commerce store with WordPress, it’s also extremely user-friendly. On top of all that, you can use high-risk friendly payment gateways, integrated with appropriate high-risk processing. All you need to do is make sure it’s all set up correctly – which is our job. If you want expert help making sure all the cogs work together, please get in touch.

At Tasker Payment Gateways, we help tactical e-commerce site owners like yourself on a regular basis – and have done for years. In fact, we’ve helped thousands of high-risk merchants since 2002 and are an A+ BBB accredited business. Contact us today to get started, or even for some free, friendly advice.