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High-risk payment Gateways and WooCommerce (recommended plug-in) –

WooCommerce is an excellent solution for WordPress site owners who sell high-risk products or services, like pipes and glass, vape products, or FFL to FFL sales. We have many happy clients using the NMI payment gateway with WooCommerce and WordPress for their high-risk e-commerce websites.

Our clients recommend Code Canyon

The NMI payment gateway allows merchants to charge credit cards and other online payment methods that are secure for both the merchant and the customer. There are a few different plugins you could use to accomplish the same task on WooCommerce, so we wanted to take a moment and write up a software spotlight on NMI, WordPress, and a plug-in provider for WooCommerce that our clients love. Code Canyon.

The NMI WooCommerce plug-in by Code Canyon is the perfect solution for the high-risk e-commerce merchant who runs multiple online stores. Like Authorize.Net, NMI has many of the best features and tools available. However, unlike AuthNet, NMI has a multi-merchant account feature that brings all of your processing accounts into one easy-to-use admin system. This allows you to manage and analyze your merchant accounts from one location, without having to log into each store’s payment gateway individually, making it simple – and saving you time.

Simplify your e-commerce business with NMI

Many e-commerce merchants own more than one online store. High-risk merchants can benefit from NMI by making it easier to manage all of their stores from one place with one admin login.

The multi-vendor functionality helps high-risk merchants in one particular way that isn’t so obvious. It can be incredibly challenging to combine high-risk products on the same site. For example, you would not be able to get a merchant account to sell both tactical items and alcohol on the same website. Simply put, it should not be done.

However, you could set up a separate website dedicated to each product type. You will also need to get different merchant accounts to start accepting payments for your two high-risk product types. These types of scenarios show how using NMI can be so useful. The NMI payment gateway can be used to handle the transactions of both product types. It’s the closest you’ll be able to come to having two products in one manageable place (at least for the foreseeable future). While this might not seem like a significant advantage, you’d be surprised.

Managing payments from multiple high-risk product types for multiple merchant accounts is about more than just saving time when logging in and out of accounts. Having all your revenue streams manageable and accessible from one place gives you more analytical power to move your business forward and make the best decisions you can. Additionally, it allows you to set goals, track averages, and compare sales for each one of your product channels. Doing this would ordinarily take a lot of copying, printing, or writing out charts to compile the information you need before you can begin to analyze it. With the NMI payment gateway, all of this information will already be in one place for you to take full advantage of.

Secure NMI technology & easy installation

The NMI WooCommerce plug-in by Code Canyon offers a lot of great options for your e-commerce site.  For example, it gives your customers the chance to save their credit card info securely for future purchases. This feature alone creates a substantial returning customer base. Simply put, it’s easier to return and shop with someone who has your info than to re-enter it on a new site.

Another great feature is that it keeps your customer on one web-page throughout the payment process. This way you’ll avoid redirecting them anywhere, which tends to make many customers nervous or less interested in purchasing a product.

On top of all this, NMI and the plugin are completely PCI compliant. This essentially means that all necessary steps (by today’s required security standards) have been taken to keep your customers’ information secure. Possibly one of the best features is that it automatically sets itself up when you install it. All you need to do is enter your NMI login information, and the plugin connects you to your payment gateway and sets up your transaction address.

High-risk payment gateway setup for NMI on WooCommerce

There’s so much value in the NMI-WooCommerce WordPress plugin by Code Canyon- we have recommended it hundreds of times. To take advantage of it, all you need to do is make sure that you have a suitable high-risk merchant account set up with the NMI payment gateway.

Do you need help finding a high-risk merchant account recommendation? We use our connections and experience to find solutions for site owners that need high-risk friendly merchant accounts. We can do this at no direct cost or obligation to you, as we receive an incentive from the service providers for finding preferred clients like you.

Please feel free to use the contact form below to get the ball rolling. We can help with a merchant account and payment gateway for your high-risk e-commerce business!