E-commerce spotlight: ECWID

High-risk e-commerce startups

Getting started in e-commerce doesn’t have to be a big, expensive hassle, even if your business is considered high-risk. Once you have your website in place you need to find a shopping cart program to start selling. ECWID is a simple and potentially free cart that can help you start selling quickly, and with little hassle. There is a free version, but you can also upgrade to a specific plan for your level of business. Once installed you can control all of your e-commerce from one place, easily.

Sell anywhere

ECWID was designed to be compatible with websites and social media platforms, so whether you’re selling from Wix, a WordPress site or Facebook you will be ready to sell and reach out to customers over multiple networks and channels. You can even use a physical device as a POS if you were to ever sell in a physical marketplace, permanent or temporary, giving you true flexibility in your ability to sell your products. ECWID is so versatile you can even install it onto your Google Blogger account with ease.

ECWID and accepting payments

If you are planning on using ECWID in a market labeled as high-risk by the financial industry you will need a payment gateway and a high-risk payment processor. We can recommend a merchant account for you, and help you set up your payment gateway. Contact us anytime for some friendly advice.