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E-commerce spotlight: Ecwid

High-risk e-commerce startups

Getting started in e-commerce doesn’t have to be a big, expensive hassle, even if your business is considered high-risk. Once you have your website in place you need to find a shopping cart program to start selling. Ecwid is a simple and potentially free cart that can help you start selling quickly, and with little hassle. There is a free version, but you can also upgrade to a specific plan for your level of business. Once installed you can control all of your e-commerce from one place, easily.

Sell anywhere

Ecwid was designed to be compatible with websites and social media platforms, so whether you’re selling from Wix, Squarespace, a WordPress site or Facebook you will be ready to sell and reach out to customers over multiple networks and channels. You can even use a physical device as a POS if you were to ever sell in a physical marketplace, permanent or temporary, giving you true flexibility in your ability to sell your products. Ecwid is so versatile you can even install it onto your Google Blogger account with ease.

How to make Ecwid high-risk friendly

Ecwid is a very useful shopping cart program that a large number of site owners enjoy using. However, it’s not high-risk friendly out of the box. Without the right support to set it up properly in the back-end, it can be quite tough. Below, we’ll quickly discuss how you can add Ecwid on Wix and Squarespace, and how to connect Ecwid to Authorize.Net for both. You should know that the process can be a little intricate.

We’re more than happy to help if you need to set up a high-risk payment gateway for your Ecwid cart. We can help you find the best gateway for your specific high-risk business type and make it work with both your site builder and product type. You can contact us here or use our contact form at the bottom of this page.

How to connect a high-risk payment gateway to Wix using Ecwid

Plenty of high-risk site owners enjoy using Wix for their e-commerce store. However, making Wix compatible with high-risk sales can be a challenge (you can learn about integrating Authorize.Net with Ecwid here). What we haven’t outlined in our previous content on Wix, however, is that you can also easily integrate your Ecwid store and shopping cart with your new or existing Wix site.

To start using Ecwid on Wix is a two-fold process. First you need to add the Ecwid app to your Wix site. Second, you need to connect your existing Ecwid account to your site. We’ll outline both in simple steps below.

Step one: Adding the Ecwid app to Wix

  1. Access your Wix account and select the relevant site.
  2. Find the Ecwid app manually by clicking “edit site.”
  3. Click “add apps” and search for “Ecwid.”
  4. Select “online store by Ecwid” and click “add to site” then “add app”.
  5. At first, it will show you sample products until you connect it to your store.
  6. Double-click the blue “double-click me button” (same page as your Wix Editor). If you do not have an Ecwid account, you can click “create account” and follow the signup instructions.
  7. Grant the app permissions by clicking “accept.”
  8. Save and publish your changes.

Step two: Connecting your Ecwid account to Wix

  1. Access your Wix account, select the relevant site, and go to the page where you added the Ecwid cart app.
  2. Double-click the blue Double-click me button.
  3. Click “connect account” from the pop-up.
  4. Log in to your Ecwid account in the following pop-up.
  5. Grant the app permission to access your store data by clicking “accept.”
  6. Save and publish your changes.

How to connect a high-risk payment gateway to  Squarespace using Ecwid

Squarespace has picked up momentum as one of the better e-commerce site builders and platforms over the last few years. We’ve covered it quite extensively, discussing five alternative ways of integrating third-party payment gateways for Squarespace. Today, Squarespace arguably rivals both Wix and Shopify, in that it’s a great site builder that allows you to edit and customize your site to a great extent.

Ecwid integrates seamlessly with Squarespace and adds significant functions to any great-looking Squarespace website. You’ll expand the e-commerce capabilities of your Squarespace site by making use of your Ecwid online store.

Having said that, setting it up is a little more intricate than adding Ecwid to Wix. To make sure you get the instructions right, you might want to look at Ecwid step-by-step instructions on installing it on Squarespace here.

How to connect Authorize.Net to Ecwid to facilitate high-risk payments on Wix or Squarespace

If you’re planning on integrating Ecwid with either Wix or Squarespace, you need to connect Authorize.Net in order to enable high-risk credit card processing.

We’ll give you a step-by-step outline below:

  1. Access your Ecwid control panel, and go to “payment.”
  2. Select “credit card: Authorize.Net accept hosted” from the “choose payment processor” drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your Authorize.Net info: API login ID, transaction key, and signature key.
  4. Choose your preferred transaction type (either 1) Authorize.only, for settling transactions from your Authorize.Net merchant account, or 2) Authorize and Capture, which submits the transaction for settlement automatically).
  5. Enter your account details and click “save.”

There are more aspects to this, and it’s important to enter the information correctly in order to set everything up properly.

You can get more information on how to test, troubleshoot, and more here. However, you don’t have to set it all up yourself. At Tasker Payment Gateways, we’re more than happy to help. Simply get in touch with us here for some free advice and assistance.

Ecwid and accepting payments

If you are planning on using Ecwid in a market labeled as high-risk by the financial industry you will need a payment gateway and a high-risk payment processor. We can recommend a merchant account for you, and help you set up your payment gateway. Contact us anytime for some friendly advice.