Authorize.Net for vape, FFL, cigars, and more

We specialize in boarding high-risk merchant types on Authorize.Net such as vape and e-juice, FFL dealers, smoking site- pipe and glassware websites, and premium cigar businesses. We offer high-risk website owners the Authorize.Net payment gateway and recommend affordable, stable, credit card processing tailored to your industry and personal needs.

Authorize.Net is great for high-risk – if you set it up correctly. 

Authorize.Net is only compatible with many high-risk product types if it is set up correctly with high-risk processing on the back end. Many new merchants think of Authorize.Net solely as an all in one solution. It is not. In reality, Authorize.Net is just software, to accept credit cards it connects to a merchant account. If you need a specific merchant account type because you sell a regulated or taboo product, we can help. We will ensure that your processing AND your gateway are compatible with your product type and your software. We will take the time to walk you through all the steps and explain every step of the process. Please call or use our contact us form for a free detailed rate sheet specific to your business.

Because we happily work with high-risk merchant types, start-ups, and established businesses that are new to Authorize.Net we offer personal support in addition to the 24-7 support provided by Authorize.Net and our preferred processing partners. If needed we will even help you log in to your Authorize.Net portal and the virtual terminal for the first time, generate an API Login ID and Transaction Key, help you set your AVS, and adjust your daily velocity filter to help mitigate fraudulent charges. We can explain these items in simple, easy to understand terms and walk you through the process. We are happy to discuss value-added options such as CIM (Customer Information Manager), ARB (Automated Recurring Billing), and AFDS (Advanced Fraud Detection Suite). Depending on how we set your account up these value-added features are often available at no additional cost, contact us to learn more, most clients qualify for these discounts regardless of their industry type.

Some common e-commerce shopping cart and CRM software solutions we work with are Drupal, WHMCS, OSCommerce, Mijireh, Shopify, Wild Apricot, ASecureCart, Magento, Wazala, Wix, WooCommerce, CiviCRM, and BigCommerce. As always, we’re happy to take your questions, so give us a call or email us and we can help you make the right decision for your business. There are hundreds of compatible carts so if you do not see yours listed shoot us a quick note with the name of your cart and we will get right back to you!

Authorize.Net for high-risk sites

Authorize.Net is excellent out of the box, excellent when you know all its features, and best when paired with a credit card processor that specializes in your industry. Because of this, along with AuthNet, we can offer a processing recommendation with low credit card processing rates.

Call us or use the “contact us” form to request a detailed rate sheet and electronic application link; a trusted, independent agent will provide you with a no-nonsense, precise, accurate rate quote right away that is suitable for your business type whether it be a traditional one or high risk.

Don’t forget, the vast majority of folks who sign up qualify for a $0.00 set up fee. With our vetted solutions, a free set up is their standard practice.

If needed, our preferred merchant account partners can offer a simple, consolidated, electronic sign-up form for both the gateway and the credit card processing. This means a much more straightforward process for you, your gateway can come preconfigured, and ready to use day one, with a dedicated independent agent as a point of contact for as long as you process, it couldn’t be easier!

Call or contact us anytime. We can help take the stress out of setting up an Authorize.Net payment gateway for your high-risk website.