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Payment gateway advice just for web developers

We work with web developers, SaaS companies, and hosting companies to help them leverage our knowledge as a national payment gateway reseller and payment industry consultant.  We help developers speed up their workflow by providing quick answers and reliable solutions for their e-commerce clients, especially clients that are considered “high-risk or prohibited” by the big online payment companies.

If you are an internet or software professional, we will walk your e-commerce clients through the entire process so they can apply for a payment gateway such as Authorize.Net, NMI / Network Merchants or eProcessing Network simply and easily through a quick link or even by phone. We will make sure that the back-end merchant account is compatible with their product or service. Your clients can often have their login credentials like username, API login and transaction ID (fully integrated with high-risk merchant processing) within a couple of days so you can finish your projects and get paid.

Need help setting up a client with a way to accept credit cards?

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Who can we help?

Whether your client has had a mom and pop shop for over 50 years, or is a novice internet marketing entrepreneur who wants to sell the newest make money from home kit, they’re going to want a functional, profitable website. For that, they will need a web developer familiar with all the nuances of payment gateways and processing sales online – if they want to do it right and succeed. 

Undoubtedly, most knowledgeable web developers will be able to assist their clients in accepting payments, but it’ll be the developer with a skilled and experience payment industry resource who will be a cut above the rest.

High-risk web client payment gateway scenarios

Here’s an example: You’ve worked feverishly for a client who has had a nutritional supplement store for the past 25 years. They’d like to grow their business, and they’ve hired you to set up a website where they can sell their fancy new organic weight loss pills online and bill their customers for automatic shipments each month. Little did you know, this type of merchant is called a “Nutra” merchant in the industry and is considered “high risk”; getting them set up to accept credit cards will be very difficult if you don’t know who to place them with.  

Speaking with a payment gateway specialist that knows all the players in the industry will give you an upper hand over the other web developers who simply tell their merchants to “go sign up for Authorize.Net”.   We offer no-cost email consultations to web developers who need some basic advice on how to set up their e-commerce clients with payment processing systems and which processors may be a good fit for your client. We will help you and your clients choose gateways that are compatible with your shopping cart of choice, and help your client set up the back end processing that is necessary to make everything work. A client launching a new MLM is not going to necessarily be best served by the same processor that you just set up for your last electronic cigarette merchant, that is not only apples and oranges, it can be apples and mangoes! Let us use our years of experience to smooth out the wrinkles in your new merchant setups.

We recommend vetted, trusted, payment gateway providers like Authorize.Net, Network Merchants Incorporated / NMI, and eProcessing Network. We know which shopping carts, like Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Volution, Wix, or WooCommerce can be integrated with which provider and we can help you and your client find the right fit for their e-commerce business regardless of the platform you are building their site in. 

Contact us with any questions.