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How to set up high-risk payments on Weebly –

Weebly is a hosted, drag-and-drop website-builder that is popular with thousands of e-commerce business owners. It’s easy to use, affordable, and has a huge support community. In this post, we discuss adding high-risk payment gateways to Weebly.

Selling a regulated item like CBD, vape, cigars, pipes-and-glass, or tactical and survival gear online can be frustrating for many new Weebly site owners – especially since Weebly first allowed, then discontinued, native Authorize.Net integrations.

Tasker Payment Gateways LLC has helped high-risk site owners since 2002. We have the experience and resources to help Weebly site owners, like you, connect to a high-risk payment gateway.

Can you still use Authorize.Net with Weebly?

Yes, we can add Authorize.Net to a Weebly store by connecting your existing Weebly site to a compatible shopping cart app like Foxy or Ecwid then integrating the payment gateway.


The payment gateway must also be connected on the back-end to a merchant account that allows your exact regulated product type. (Don’t worry, we will walk you through this process, step-by-step.)

Although connecting a 3rd party cart and payment gateway like Authorize.Net to Weebly requires a little know-how, it’s great news for site owners that have been turned down by Stripe, Square, or PayPal.

If you are unfamiliar with high-risk processing, we suggest you check out our page on the best high-risk payment gateways as it provides a helpful overview. Tasker Payment Gateways Cartoon Guy

Our dedicated high-risk Authorize.Net page also provides valuable information on merchant accounts and how to ensure that your Authorize.Net payment gateway is high-risk capable.

Tasker Payment Gateways LLC is A+ rated and accredited. Check out some of our BBB reviews and reach out at any time for an alternative Weebly payment gateway and high-risk merchant account recommendation.

High-risk Weebly payment gateways require 3rd party apps

Many merchants contact us after they have already taken the time to set up and perfect their Weebly site, only to learn that the payment provider they selected when they built their online store considers their product a “prohibited category.”

Compounding this frustration is the lack of easily researched alternatives to PayPal, Square, and Stripe on the Weebly support pages. Square is the parent company of Weebly and its payment services are widely promoted on the Weebly website.

Additionally, site owners who are new to e-commerce are often unaware that payment processing is something you have to be “approved” for. Many new business owners think to themselves “I want to get paid, people want to pay me, this should be easy.” But, often the reality is very different.

Not only are high-risk businesses often declined for payment processing by standard gateways, worse yet, they are also often approved, then immediately shut down.

Without the right direction and advice, it can be very frustrating to obtain an alternate Weebly payment gateway for most common high-risk product types – that’s where our experience and expertise comes in.

High-risk site online stores can still sell on Weebly, and can still do so by using a properly set up high-risk Authorize.Net account – or even NMI for that matter- but adding a payment gateway for regulated products, like CBD, or smoke shop products, requires some extra steps.

Contact us any time for high-risk Weebly processing recommendations

high-risk payments on Weebly – Tasker Payment Gateway quote image

Selling smokeshop products on Weebly

There are many “smoke-shop” items that require specialized payment processing in order to accept credit cards on Weebly.

When our partners help a Weebly website owner, like you, set up credit card processing, they ensure that you have the information you need to integrate with an appropriate high-risk payment gateway.

Below is a list of the most common smokeshop product types that are generally prohibited by Stripe and PayPal but not by Weebly. This means we can most likely help you accept credit cards for your smoke shop items on Weebly.

Online headshops and smoke shops generally require a 3rd party app in order to integrate payments with Weebly. Each section below links to an expanded article discussing how to set up a payment gateway for that product type.

Does Weebly allow CBD?

Yes, the Weebly site builder allows CBD, but you will often need a payment processing professional to assist with setting up a CBD payment gateway and merchant account.

Please read our Selling CBD Online 101 Guide for information on how to set up a CBD payment gateway and merchant account.

Because the standard Weebly payment gateway solutions do not allow a broad variety of CBD products – if at all – it is helpful to work with an independent CBD payment gateway expert that can help guide your launch.

Please reach out anytime for CBD payment processing recommendations that work with Weebly.

Can you sell cigars on Weebly?

Yes, you can sell cigars and licensed loose tobacco products on Weebly as long as you use a recommended 3rd party cart and a cigar-friendly payment gateway/credit card processing solution.

Please check out our comprehensive online Guide to Cigar Payment Gateways to learn more or contact us with any questions.

Are smoking pipes, glassware, and bongs prohibited on Weebly?

According to Weebly’s terms of service, glass pipes, bong, and smoking accessories are not prohibited. Although, you will usually need to integrate a 3rd party cart and use a high-risk payment gateway.

Please read the Tasker Payment Gateways LLC Guide to Payment Gateways for Smoke Shop Products like pipes and glassware to learn more.

Does Weebly let you sell vaporizers and e-liquid?

Yes, the Weebly platform will allow a vape and e-liquid store to sell vape pens, e-cigs, and e-juice online, but the shopping cart, payment gateway, and merchant account must all be set up correctly.

We strongly suggest you read our Guide to Vape and E-liquid Payment Gateways and work with an attorney before accepting credit cards for vaporizers or nicotine online.

If you need help accepting credit cards on Weebly, please contact us for free, friendly advice

Tactical and survival payment gateways for Weebly

Most tactical and survival websites sell items like axes, knives, bear spray, and brush clearing tools like machetes.

While these items are widely available on a retail level, accepting credit cards on Weebly for some tactical items means that you need high-risk payment processing and a 3rd party app to connect it all together.

Other products, like weapons, are prohibited by Weebly’s terms.

If your Weebly website sells any survival or FFL products, please read our extensive articles on accepting credit cards for federally regulated, FFL to FFL transfers, and on selling tactical items online.

Generally speaking, weapons and Weebly are not the best fit. If you contact us for help, we can recommend alternate site builders that allow your products.

Other tactical and survival items do not appear to be prohibited. Although, as we discuss below, you will need to work with us to set up the 3rd party carts and payment processing in order to accept payments on Weebly if your products are not allowed by Square, Stripe, or PayPal.

Keep in mind that the Weebly terms and conditions do prohibit weapon sales, so we suggest you contact them directly if you have any concerns.

Which products and services are prohibited by Weebly?

The list is pretty short. The list of items prohibited on Weebly basically includes adult content, hate speech promotion, illegal items including copyright infringement, spam sites, file hosting, and weapons.

You should read the Weebly terms and conditions on their site yourself (linked below under “Source”) and reach out to them with any questions. Terms and conditions often change. Additionally, you should always seek the advice of a qualified attorney before selling any regulated items.

Source: https://www.weebly.com/terms-of-service

Why are high-risk Weebly payments complicated?

Accepting high-risk credit card payments for regulated items like CBD, vaporizers, cigars, or bongs on Weebly is complicated because Weebly restricts their native integrations to PayPal, Stripe, and their parent company, Square. Luckily, there are 3rd party apps that allow expanded payment gateway integrations.

High-risk merchant accounts are often required because standard credit card processors have concerns with the risk associated with chargebacks, a merchant’s ability to cover refunds, banking regulations, or sometimes a simple lack of history in a particular industry.

A common reason that high-risk Weebly merchants struggle with finding processors on their own is that banks and processors can be concerned with potential upheaval in a specific industry due to pending laws, regulations, or a changing political climate. Without a pulse on the industry, this is hard to predict.

Regardless of the reason, many Weebly merchants find themselves in the unenviable position of having a beautiful website, a properly sourced and priced product, a potential customer base, and no way to accept credit cards online.

Fortunately, high-risk Weebly merchants that sell regulated items like vape, CBD, pipes, bongs, CBD, or tactical items still have great options – if they know the right 3rd party carts, payment gateways, and merchant processors. That’s where we come in.

Learn more about Tasker Payment Gateways LLC

Solutions for accepting high-risk payments with Weebly

We will help you set up a reliable and affordable shopping cart, payment gateway, and merchant account that allows the processing of payments for online smoke shop products like glassware, CBD, vape, grinders, cigars, and even bongs.

Additionally, website owners may accept credit cards for survival products, educational prepper programs, cutlery, and even some tactical items, as long as they follow all state, local, and federal rules and regulations.

Important note: Allowed use policies change. You must read the terms and conditions of all providers and site builders you choose and carefully review all contracts you enter into. Additionally, you should seek qualified legal advice before entering into any business, especially a business that sells regulated products or services. 

Below are the top 2 payment gateways we recommend to high-risk Weebly site owners once we have helped them choose a compatible 3rd party shopping cart app that allows high-risk payment gateway integrations.

Option 1. A high-risk friendly Authorize.Net gateway

Authorize.Net is an awesome service, but it is commonly misunderstood. In a nutshell, Authorize.Net is really a payment gateway more than it is a processor, you can read about that distinction on our home page.

When you are a high-risk merchant, it is important to work with a payment consultant that can point you toward an all-in-one, processing/Authorize.Net bundle that is not only high-risk friendly on the payment gateway side of things but also on the processing side.

Please contact us anytime for a high-risk friendly, Authorize.Net/processing bundle that works for your business. To integrate a high-risk friendly combo, many high-risk merchants use Ecwid or Foxy, both of which we cover below.

Option 2. NMI is a high-risk alternative for many websites

NMI is a perfect high-risk gateway solution that allows you to manage multiple merchant accounts from one login, or simply connect one account to Weebly via Ecwid or Foxy.

If you have an existing merchant account, we can almost certainly connect it to NMI for you – if you need a high-risk merchant account, we can provide a free recommendation.

NMI’s ability to handle multiple accounts at once simplifies your business’s gateway administration many times over, and is one of the most popular NMI features! Click here to read more about NMI’s high-risk-friendly features. 

3rd party Weebly carts that allow Authorize.Net and NMI

Ecwid and high-risk Weebly payment gateways

Ecwid is an elegant shopping cart solution that allows you to process through one of many payment solutions of your choice via a few simple snippets of code. Ecwid allows easy integration between a high-risk merchant account payment gateway combo and a hosted solution like Weebly. Contact us at any time with questions.

Foxy.io, Weebly, and high-risk payment processing

We love Foxy’s shopping cart solution and have recommended it hundreds of times. Foxy.io allows Weebly merchants to easily and affordably add 3rd party, high-risk compatible alternative payment processors to their website without having to start over with a new site builder.

We wrote extensively about Foxy.io and suggest you take a moment to read our Foxy high-risk information page – if you haven’t already. If you’d like to dig in deep, review the Foxy Weebly sales and integration pages listed below:

Let us know a little about your products – an independent agent will then provide you with free, one-on-one advice

Get started with a high-risk cart and payment gateway for Weebly

Whether you are cautious and confused, or breathless with anticipation, we would love to talk to you. Regardless of what your products are, or how savvy or unsavvy you are, we strongly suggest you start with a friendly, free conversation.

In addition to providing advice to shrewd entrepreneurs and experienced developers in need of a payment solution, we love working with e-commerce newcomers and are always glad to help merchants start on the right foot!

If you are brand new to e-commerce and nervous about what you don’t know, we will take the time by phone or email to break it all down into little bites, so you are not overwhelmed.

Contact us, tell us a little about your situation, and we will go over your next steps. Your dedicated payment gateway expert will give you some recommendations, free of charge, and help move you toward accepting credit cards for high-risk products on your Weebly site.

The information on this page was accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time it was written; please do your own due diligence, speak with a qualified attorney, and feel free to contact us with any questions.