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Canadian high-risk payment gateways for vape, e-juice, & glassware

We love passing on good news. We are in the business of helping high-risk e-commerce merchants who sell commonly prohibited, yet legal, items like e-juice, vaporizers, pipes, and glassware find stable payment gateway solutions. For years there was one big gap in our ability to recommend payment gateways and the merchant accounts that go with them. That gap? Website owners with Canadian companies who sell products like electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-juice, or head-shop type glassware.

Before the last month or so our only option was to recommend that Canadian website owners looking to sell high-risk items opened a US company with a US bank account, so they could get processing, for obvious reasons this was an imperfect solution for many merchants. Well, that seems to be changing. Fast.

High-risk options for Canadian e-commerce stores have really opened up

We are now happy to say, that within our network of recommended solutions, we have providers who can not only set up a Canadian e-commerce store with the ability to accept credit cards for vape, e-juice, and glassware but also allow them to do it with their existing Canadian company and checking account.

Let us help your vape- e-juice or glassware site with a high-risk payment gateway

Contact us any time using the form below to get started accepting credit cards on your Canadian high-risk e-commerce site. We are always happy to help, even if you are early in the process and just want some general advice.

We are not attorneys; we do not provide any legal advice. Any Canadian businesses looking to sell a commonly prohibited, regulated or high-risk product online, or anywhere for that matter, should first check with a qualified attorney who is familiar with e-commerce and the site owners specific industry before launching any website marketing regulated products.