We like GoDaddy, we have referred business to GoDaddy, and have helped GoDaddy clients take advantage of that company’s vast array of products and features, but like most shopping cart software suites that offer in-house (or closely referred) payment processing, GoDaddy has never had – as far as we know – an “out of the box” solution for high risk merchants. Their processing solutions, like most, do not allow many common high risk product types. This is AOK, as a matter of fact it’s what we do, and we enjoy it. We help folks find solid stable gateway, software, chargeback mitigation and processing solutions that work with their cart of choice even if that cart’s preferred partners do not work in their particular industry.

Lately we have had some real challenges with assisting high risk clients get up, running, and accepting credit cards on their GoDaddy sites though. This was also the case years ago as GoDaddy’s preferred processing did not allow common high risk product types like electronic cigarettes and FFL dealers and they did not offer any 3rd party options (like the options we recommend). For a while that problem was fixed though and we were happily relaying helpful information from our inside contact in the GoDaddy sales department to our high risk clients who were happily processing and selling their wares, albeit with a little extra work. We were able to place folks who were using the GoDaddy site builder. The only real difference at the time, as far as we could tell, was that accepting card for high risk products required the merchant to use a 3rd party gateway processing combo like our Authorize.Net solution (which we love, and worked out perfectly) and it required that the merchant did most of the site building themselves compared to their more one on one assistance they otherwise provided. Either way for folks looking to sell high risk items and who had already made a time commitment to getting moving with GoDaddy, it was a great solution.

Now, here we are again. Apparently new clients are no longer allowed to use the Authorize.Net accounts that we, or any other 3rd party provides, and GoDaddy’s in house solutions do not allow many common high risk product types. This is, according to two individuals we have spoken with by phone at GoDaddy applies across the board, even to their Quick Shopping cart product. At this point if you are set up with GoDaddy and need processing for a high risk product we suggest you contact us, we can tell you all we know and work through some possible options. If you work for GoDaddy and have some helpful information or are a merchant with a solution for clients looking to process their electronic cigarette or other high risk product using GoDaddy site builder please drop us a line as well. Again, we like GoDaddy, they have a good product and we would love to help their clients who are prohibited from using their standard processing method find a way to accept card online.