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The advantages of BigCommerce for FFL dealers

Why do so many high-risk payment gateway clients choose BigCommerce for their FFL sites? With so many e-commerce platforms available, making a confident decision can be challenging.

After all, you want a platform that meets the needs of your web-store. Ideally, it should also offer you as the owner/operator the user solutions you need. In other words, finding the right e-commerce platform for your high-risk FFL site can be difficult.

The more we get to know BigCommerce, the more we love BigCommerce

FFL dealers need a reliable online platform that works well with their highly regulated, but still lucrative industry.

We have a great deal of experience helping FFL dealers set up BigCommerce with their high-risk payment gateways and merchant accounts, and we’ve been delighted with how easy it is to use.

BigCommerce also has incredible live support professionals who are happy to help you with whatever trouble you might be having.

We have gotten to know many of the folks at BigCommerce over the years and have always been impressed. Whoever does the hiring should win a human resources award!

One of the best functions of BigCommerce for those in the high-risk e-commerce industry is their NMI integration.

NMI is one of our favorite payment processing gateways, especially for FFL dealers. NMI can give you the flexibility you need to get the most out of your web-store.

If you’re seriously considering installing BigCommerce for your FFL web-store, contact us for a 2A friendly payment gateway and merchant account recommendation.

We can save you time, and money when setting up a 2A friendly payment gateway for your BigCommerce store.

BigCommerce features and perks

It’s important to find the e-commerce platform that works best for you. BigCommerce is a platform that provides easy setup and customization with excellent performance, as well as user management and administrator tools to maximize efficiency and profitability.

BigCommerce is one of the best when it comes to transitioning from the setup stage to launching. Choose a template and customize it quickly, then easily import or create your product listing, and you’re good to go.

BigCommerce and FFL dealersBigCommerce allows you to import your products and store from virtually any e-commerce solution that you’ve been using previously. Alternatively, you can input your products rapidly with their product creation tools.

BigCommerce employs an advanced Content Management System (CMS) solution for you on the backend of your web-store. You’ll find all your data, revenue and analytic reports, product management, and site editing in one simply laid out design. No more frantically searching your backend for the settings you need to change.

Marketing in the FFL field can be a bit trickier than most. That being said, BigCommerce has many great multi-marketing channels that you can connect your site to and bring in more potential customers, including social media platforms and other e-commerce connections.

Perhaps more important are the built-in advanced SEO options that allow you to compete in search engine rankings to become more noticeable. However, it’s important to remember that having the tools means nothing if you don’t use them properly!

The other essential marketing features are the conversion optimization tools like abandoned cart saver, faceted search, built-in coupons, and many more. These tools help you entice potential customers to buy, and allows you to upsell to existing customers.

You can increase your revenue significantly by adequately employing the correct apps and tools, and the folks at BC will help you do it!

Shipping and background checks

Add-ons and third-party tools are potential game changers for FFL dealer websites. Many FFL dealers feel it is crucial to integrate an app like “Ship to FFL” into your BigCommerce platform. Otherwise, the process is more cumbersome than it needs to be.

BigCommerce has apps to help find the closest local FFL dealer to your customer, making travel for pick-up easier, so you may as well take advantage of them! Additionally, they can also confirm background checks and licenses for customers to help cover your legal responsibilities.

Understanding your legal obligations in this industry is paramount before opening a store and selling. BigCommerce has many options for FFL shipping apps, and we can offer a few suggestions if you’re interested. Most importantly though, if you are an FFL looking to enter the world of e-commerce, you should consult a qualified attorney and get all your ducks in order first.

High-risk payment processing for BigCommerce FFL dealers

As mentioned above, we have a lot of experience with connecting FFL dealers with credit card payment processing on BigCommerce and many other platforms. Before you start, it’s important to understand how this industry works. A number of sectors are classified as “high-risk” because of their potential for chargebacks and refunds.

Banks don’t like risk, and neither do most business owners. For this reason, it’s required that high-risk businesses get a specialized merchant account with the proper underwriting for your industry.

Gaining a suitable merchant account for FFL businesses isn’t difficult. However, it requires a bit more paperwork than a standard merchant account for a simple payment processor like Paypal or Stripe.

We specialize in high-risk payment gateways and with connecting site owners with the merchant accounts that fit the needs of their particular industry. This service comes at no direct cost or obligation to you, the business owner, as the service providers we connect you to pay us for bringing them quality customers, like you!.

Contact us today using the form below, or give us a call. We’re here to help!