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ASecureCart high-risk payment gateways

We help you accept payments online for vape, FFL sales, premium cigars, and CBD using ASecureCart

We offer specialized payment gateway options for CBD sites, vape/e-cig businesses, FFL dealers, cigar websites and supplement merchants using ASecureCart. We will set up your cart with a high-risk friendly payment gateway while ensuring it is connected seamlessly to one of our vetted high-risk merchant account partners or a partner of your own choosing. We make it easy and explain everything step-by-step. We are happy to hop on the phone with you when needed and help you integrate your new gateway into your shopping cart.

ASecureCart compatible payment gateways

We offer a variety of ASecureCart friendly Payment gateway solutions such as NMI, Authorize.Net and eProcessing network depending on a merchant’s individual needs and situation. We work with many providers and have a solution for most merchants, whether they are traditional eCommerce merchants or complex high-risk merchants. Please click here for a list of common high-risk product types.

Options for high risk, low risk, large and small

A large volume SaaS company with existing internal payment systems integrated through many platforms may prefer the scale, and industry-leading integration flexibility of Authorize.Net. A high-risk merchant selling electronic cigarettes through multiple sites and merchant accounts may prefer the automated multi MID account routing and multiple merchant account custom management ability that comes with the NMI or Network Merchants Gateway. An online guns and ammo dealer, on the other hand, may choose a famously firearms friendly eProcessing Network gateway so they can integrate seamlessly with their Gunbroker or GunAuction sites as well as with their ASecureCart site.  We are happy to go over all the options with you, simply use our contact us form below to tell us a little about your situation.

ASecureCart history and reputation

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with some mutual clients of ASecureCart (ASecureCart.net). Our clients have found them to be a low cost and fully featured shopping cart solution. ASecureCart allows its merchants an unlimited amount of products or services, a free trial period, and a long history of providing quality service since the year 2000. We are happy to provide both their high risk and traditional merchants with payment gateway solutions and to assist them with setting up, applying for and understanding the different merchant account options that are available to them.

Start selling your high-risk products on ASecureCart today