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Shopify Authorize.Net compatibility updates

09/09/2022 – Shopify, without any known announcement, quietly removes Authorize.Net as a payment gateway option

We have independently verified, via both live chats with Shopify support and via a phone call with Shopify customer service that Shopify – without prior notice or announcement that we are aware of – has removed Authorize.Net as a supported payment gateway. We were told, while on a 3-way call with a certified Shopify developer, that this change was effective yesterday, September 8th, 2022.

Not only did Shopify not make any announcement on their website that we can find, but from our two interactions with their staff, it was not well announced to their support folks either. Disseminating information through a large company like Shopify is difficult, but we only point out their confusion because businesses may end up receiving conflicting or outdated information. Both of the Shopify support staff members we interacted with were surprised that Authorize.Net was no longer on their list of supported gateways.

Both times we were asked to wait while the reps spoke to supervisors and eventually notified us that yes. It was true: Shopify will no longer allow for new Authorize.Net integrations.

Also of interest is that as of the writing of this post, Authorize.Net support articles, integration information, and numerous – unedited or notated – Shopify forum posts still speak of Authorize.Net and Shopify as if nothing has changed.


We have seen this movie before. NMI discontinued by Shopify in 2018

In 2018, again – apparently with no notice, Shopify removed its support for new businesses using the NMI payment gateway. This change, and the lack of notice surrounding it, cause a lot of headaches for businesses that had already built a Shopify store, set up their NMI gateway, and were simply waiting to integrate and launch. With the exception of some NMI-specific platforms like ClickFunnels, the NMI removal from Shopify’s supported gateway list was at least blunted by the fact that business owners could ask their merchant account provider to switch the gateway interface from NMI to Authorize.Net. This time, things are more challenging.

Reference: https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussions/nmi-support/m-p/414044

High-risk merchants are left confused and fearful

There is no way to overstate the disruption this will cause to high-risk merchants about to launch their websites.  Websites selling CBD, pipes, and glass, adult toys, premium cigars, tactical items, make money from home courses, nutritional supplements, and countless other categories are understandably upset.

Shopify Payments has a long list of prohibited uses which encompass many, if not most high-risk businesses we encounter. Many businesses have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars building out their Shopify site. Now, it appears they will not be able to accept credit cards using Shopify. Although Shopify still supports dozens of low-risk and international payment gateways, NMI and Authorize.Net – along with smaller players like ePN – are by far the most common way to integrate high-risk payment processing. Without those integrations, many fear they will have to move their site to an open-source solution like WooCommerce.


Existing businesses appear to be grandfathered

According to the reps at Shopify our team spoke and chatted with, existing Authorize.Net integrations will not be affected. This is at least a sliver of good news.

Worried or concerned about Shopify dropping Authorize.Net integration support?

We are working hard to gather information and provide solutions. If you would like to be kept up to date or have any questions, please reach out to us any time using the short form below.