Selling cigars online with Authorize.Net, NMI, or ePN

We can help. A cigar-friendly payment gateway like Authorize.Net, ePN or NMI will only work for cigar sales if the merchant account that it is connected to is also set up for internet cigar sales. Don’t get shut down or blacklisted by using the wrong provider. Let us make sure you get setup correctly.

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Selling cigars online: Research, register, and license

It can be complicated and difficult to open an online cigar store. Even a premium cigar site or luxury cigar of the month club has challenges, but finding a stable tobacco-friendly payment gateway and compatible merchant account should not be your biggest hurdle. We are happy to help. Before you get to the point of asking us for a cigar friendly payment solution though, you must decide where you want your products to be made available. Because…..  In addition to federal regulations, tobacco and cigars are also state-controlled issues, therefore you must be sure of the laws in each state you want to sell in. (um…get an attorney, ok?) We have had clients speak highly of Will Turnbow, so if you have any questions about this information or have any other legal business needs, please do not hesitate to contact Will Turnbow at Turnbow Law Firm, just let him know we sent you!

After you have gotten all the necessary info on all the state and federal rules, you generally must file all the paperwork and register as a tobacco vendor in those states. It is helpful, if not essential, to get a tobacco tax consultant and an attorney with experience in the field to make sure you have done all the necessary steps correctly. Tobacco Tax Refund has some pretty comprehensive links on its site, and looks to be a source for more info on state taxes, and getting started.

Payment gateways, merchant accounts, and tobacco taxes

After you have all of the legalities in order, you still aren’t done preparing to sell. It’s obvious this particular industry is heavily regulated, but it also fits into another highly scrutinized category, that of high-risk merchant accounts. Because many of the common e-commerce payment processors won’t allow you to use their service, you need to ask questions, and trust who is advising you. You must not only get a payment gateway, but you must also make sure that is compatible with your high-risk category. Again, we can help you with that. Based on which software platform you use for your website, we will recommend a payment gateway and refer a merchant account through one of our many partners. Follow the links to learn more about the NMIePN, or Authorize.Net payment gateways, or better yet, fill out our contact form and let us know how we can help.

Mitigate risk, be informed

The best way to get started in this market is to do a lot of research to make sure you are keeping your business above board. Stay on top of current e-commerce litigation and state laws regarding your product. We have found several useful sites to help you get started. Get a detailed read of frequently asked questions about tobacco sales and tax here. Get the skinny on some FDA regulations for selling tobacco products here. Also, please ask us about chargeback mitugaiton and prevention services, we have some great vendors in that area.

We hope this information helps you find some answers, when you are ready to setup your payment gateways please contact us, we can guide you through the whole setup process and make it way more simple for you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOU ARE SELLING TOBACCO ONLINE YOU MUST GET SOUND LEGAL ADVICE FROM AN ATTORNEY, NOT AN E-COMMERCE WEBSITE! WE ARE NOT ATTORNIES. THIS PAGE IS FOR GENERAL INFO ONLY. We CAN and DO give advice on cigar and tobacco friendly payment gateways and merchant accounts though. Contact us anytime to learn more.

P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.