How to sell high-risk products on Squarespace: a deep dive into 5 solutions –

Have you recently built your high-risk e-commerce site on Squarespace only to realize that your available payment service options are limited to Stripe and PayPal? As many of you might already know, neither Stripe nor PayPal is capable of processing payments for many businesses in the high-risk industry. Many high-risk business types are listed within their “prohibited” categories or in violation of their allowed use policies.

In short, the out-of-the-box payment solutions you get with Squarespace aren’t always going to work if you sell vape, FFL to FFL products, pipes, and glassware, legal CBD, or cigars. If you have found that your product is prohibited by Stripe and PayPal, we can probably help.

Many of our clients have asked us “what can I do to sell high-risk products on Squarespace without starting over by using a different shopping cart ?”

Squarespace has some great website building features that make it easy for you to create the e-commerce store you want. Squarespace offers a significant amount of freedom to customize your site as you see fit. It’s a great fit for small and medium online businesses. It’s simple and straightforward to edit, without you needing to know anything about coding. Of course, it also allows you to easily edit SEO elements of your site with a standard gear icon.

If you have already created your site, you’ve probably invested a lot of care and time into creating the online store you’ve always imagined. Luckily, there is a way to keep using Squarespace while still selling your high-risk products and we are happy to help.

The third-party Squarespace payment gateway alternatives for high-risk product sales

Many of you might already know that Squarespace has three main ways of accepting credit card payments for Squarespace merchants. Their official payment integrations include Apple Pay, Stripe, and PayPal. Stripe being one of the most popular choices. However, none of these Squarespace alternatives work for high-risk product sales. This means you need to find a Squarespace Stripe alternative.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the best ways to accept payments for high-risk products while using Squarespace. We want to provide you with plenty of alternatives and find what credit card processor is best for your high-risk Squarespace website. These are the integration credit card processing alternatives we found that will work:

  • Squarespace Shopify integration using Authorize.Net -when Authorize.Net is set up correctly
  • Embed WuFoo form payment collection on Squarespace
  • Squarespace NMI & QuickClick integration
  • Squarespace Shopify widget with the pinwheel payment gateway (limited uses- certain processors set up a Pinwheel account for you as part of their service) – contact us with any questions
  • Foxy payment integration for Squarespace (best fit for most)

You can use all these integrations with Squarespace, if you do it right and set the individual payment gateways up for high-risk processing. Contact us anytime for a payment gateway that works with your site. We’ll discuss each one of the four options in more detail below. Before we do, we’ll first talk about the general process of integrating these payment processing methods with your Squarespace e-commerce store. best shopping cart for high-risk Squarespace sales - quote image

How to integrate third-party payment software

In our effort to make sure we give you the most up-to-date payment gateway advice, we spoke with the Squarespace customer support team. Through our talk with them we got a clear and concise answer. However, they won’t be able to offer the same integration support and troubleshooting for “custom code” by third parties as they do with their official integrations.

There are multiple ways of adding custom code to your Squarespace e-commerce store. You can add HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from third parties to your store in order to accept payments. However, they did mention that HTML might be the best route to make this happen for your site.

In other words, selling high-risk products doesn’t need to create problems – you can still use Squarespace and simply add third-party features, modifications, and processors. The main thing to remember here is that if you need assistance or support, you’ll need to contact the third party you got the code from.

In short, this is how you integrate non-official third-party features, code, and customization:

  1. Get the widget, HTML, and/or JavaScript code from the third party
  2. Copy the Code
  3. Insert the code where you want it to appear on your page

It’s not as simple as it sounds. The main challenge for high-risk site owners is finding the third parties that offer high-risk processing and also allow you to simply extract and copy the code you need to insert on your Squarespace website.

This is where the rest of this article will come in handy. Of course, should you have any questions or need any help setting up high-risk payment processing, please get in touch. You can always reach us through our contact form or get in touch with us here.

Using the Shopify cart with Squarespace for high-risk sales

In order to sell high-risk products on your Squarespace site, you can integrate Shopify Lite or a Shopify Buy Button. This is great news, as Shopify is a favorite of ours when it comes to processing payments for high-risk e-commerce. We’ll go ahead and explain the Shopify Buy Button a little more, as well as how to make all this work together to enable high-risk payments.

The good news is that the Shopify Buy Button actually allows you to get plenty of the full shopping cart features you’ll get from a Shopify store. Please check our dedicated page for more information about features and high-risk sales on Shopify.

Making all the moving pieces work can be a little confusing and depending on your product type you may want a little head start. Please feel free to contact us early in the process of merging your Squarespace site with Shopify store functions. Just let us know what you are trying to sell, and we will work with you to get an appropriate high-risk payment gateway up and running on Squarespace.

The Shopify Buy Button

The Shopify Buy Button allows you to essentially transform any website into an e-commerce site where you can sell your products easily and quickly. Simply set up your Shopify Buy Button, and Shopify will create the code you need to add the button to your site.

Choose between Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons

You can choose between different button options. You can integrate Shopify with Squarespace with a straightforward, fixed price button for single items. Or you can generate and use an “Add To Cart” button. While both will take your customer to a different checkout URL than your original URL, you can purchase a custom URL for your checkout page to avoid confusing your customers. They give great explanations on how it works, but essentially, it’s a copy and paste job.

Something that sets the Shopify button apart is that it allows you to customize it to fit your brand and high-risk website. In summary, it’s simple to set up, only costs about 10 bucks a month as of this article’s creation, and gives your site a consistent look when it comes to how your customers buy.

How to enable high-risk payments with the Shopify Buy Button

There’s more to accepting credit cards for high-risk products on Squarespace than adding Shopify. You see, Shopify doesn’t actually allow high-risk sales with their out-of-the-box payment options either. What Shopify does offer, as opposed to Squarespace, is high-risk payment integration. We realize it might sound confusing, but it really is quite straightforward if you’re familiar with high-risk payment processing.

Squarespace high-risk payment gateways - infographic - tasker payment gateways

You can start accepting payments for high-risk products on your Squarespace site by contacting us to get a high-risk friendly Authorize.Net account. This account is then integrated with Shopify’s back-end high-risk processing. With these combined, you’ll get a high-risk friendly Shopify Buy Button for your Squarespace site. In short, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a high-risk Authorize.Net account with proper processing on the back end
  2. Have us help you connect your Shopify account to high-risk processing
  3. Paste the Shopify Lite, or Shopify Buy Button, into your Squarespace site

That’s it, and don’t forget we’re always available to talk you through the entire process. You can use our contact form below to reach out for some free advice and one-on-one talks about your payment needs.

Deep dive e-commerce: connect the “pinwheel gateway” to Squarespace using Shopify

Sometimes even 3-step workarounds are not enough for some high-risk merchants to sell their products on SquareSpace. Because we speak to so many people and spend hours researching solutions we are often able to come up with advanced workarounds – even for the hardest cases.

For some businesses, for example, those selling “farm bill compliant” CBD oils, the ability to connect their Squarespace site to processing is frustratingly elusive. We have recently learned that using the pinwheel payment gateway, which is a native dropdown in Shopify is a functional way for some businesses to accept credit cards on Squarespace – but it’s not that simple.

To connect Squarespace to pinwheel – and therefore to the small handful of US-based processors that work with the pinwheel payment gateway and not with Authorize.Net or NMI – you would need to follow the 5 steps below.

We feel this solution is clunky, but it can be “better than nothing” for some high-risk businesses that may otherwise not be able to sell using Squarespace. There are a lot of moving parts, so if you are interested in this solution, contact us here, and we will align you with a trusted independent agent that can go over all the details.  In a nutshell, this is roughly how it would go.

  1. Set up high-risk “pinwheel compatible” credit card processing with proper processing on the back end (we can make recommendations, contact us for help)
  2. Set up a pinwheel account (if directed by your agent or processor- often the processors that use pinwheel do it for you)
  3. Connect your pinwheel account to high-risk processing (again we can help)
  4. Select pinwheel in the processor dropdown within your Shopify simplified e-commerce widget
  5. Paste the Shopify Lite, or Shopify Buy Button, into your Squarespace site

How to use WuFoo for Squarespace high-risk product sales

If you’re looking for a payment processor/contact form hybrid, then WuFoo is the way to go. The good news is that it’s also possible to embed your Wufoo form into your Squarespace site and use it to collect payments.

The way to embed WuFoo on your Squarespace page is essentially the same method as other 3rd party codes we discussed earlier. In order for you to get the code you’re looking for, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your WuFoo account and go to Forms.
  2. Click “Share” on the right-hand side of the form.
  3. Select “Embed on iFrame” -this will give the simple HTML Code you’re looking for.
  4. Click “Copy Code.”
  5. Paste the code in your web page.

Before you start adding your WuFoo form to whichever page you want to accept payments from, there’s a couple of things you need to know.

First off is a disclaimer: When we spoke with the WuFoo support team they highly recommended using the JavaScript embed method first. Then look to the iFrame method as a backup choice. However, considering Squarespace’s emphasis on custom HTML, we’re currently recommending trying to use the “embed on iFrame” method. We’ll keep our ears to the ground and update this recommendation should we find more evidence in favor of one method over the other.

The second thing you should know is that you need to make sure your WuFoo form is set up correctly for high-risk processing. The good news is that you can set up WuFoo forms with Authorize.Net if you have someone like us to set up the processing as “high-risk friendly” – which then allows for high-risk credit card processing. We’re more than happy to give you a hand and set it up for you. It’s what we do.

Use NMI QuickClick to sell high-risk products on Squarespace

We’re glad to say that NMI – another one of our favorite gateways – offers a solution for selling high-risk products on Squarespace. You can start accepting credit card payments for high-risk sales like FFL, tactical gear, or vape products by integrating the QuickClick button from NMI with your Squarespace page.

The process is very simple:

  1. Simply log into your QuickClick account and click on the very top category you see on the page: “Generate Button”. If you don’t already have an NMI account, we’ll set one up for you. Use the short contact form found here to get started.
  2. There, choose whether you want to generate a “Shopping Cart Button,” a “Fixed Price Button,” or a “Donation Button.”
  3. Then simply click “Create Button,” which will take you to a new page that clearly shows you the fully formatted HTML code of the button you’ve just created.
  4. Go to your Squarespace page and edit the page on which you wish to display the button.
  5. Add the HTML code exactly where you wish it to feature on the specific page where you want your customer to be able to purchase your product.

We’ve worked with NMI for hundreds of high-risk site owners, so please get in touch if you need help getting set up. We’ll also be able to help you integrate NMI with your Squarespace page.

How Foxy high-risk sales work on Squarespace

As you might know from our earlier article covering, or Foxy Cart as they were previously known, they work brilliantly for high-risk e-commerce. It’s an agile e-commerce solution that’s mobile-ready, cross-platform compatible, and integrates brilliantly with a host of site builders and e-commerce platforms. It’s possible to use Foxy on a Squarespace page and accept payments with a beautiful looking cart on-site.

However, there is one thing you must do before you start selling FFL products, vaporizers and e-liquid, pipes and glassware, or tactical gear. You need to make sure that you’re set up properly for high-risk processing on the Foxy side of things. Happily, we can set you up with Authorize.Net as your Foxy high-risk payment gateway and ensure that the processing on the back end works for your product type. Authorize.Net is one of our clear favorites and is highly recommended.

We spoke with Foxy to get their view on Squarespace and how a Squarespace site owner would go about integrating the Foxy shopping cart and payment processing abilities. Frankly, we’re really impressed, having gone through the details and the processes used to integrate Foxy for Squarespace. You don’t need coding expertise, yet it looks fantastic and works like a charm. This is why we’ve decided to go into detail a bit further here than we did for some of the other alternatives.

Squarespace TPG recommended method for high-risk sales is our recommended Squarespace payment method of selling high-risk products

Adding Foxy, with add to cart and an on-page cart overview, to your Squarespace page is very user-friendly. You can simply follow these steps:

  1. In Squarespace, click on “settings,” then “Website Column,” and finally click “Advanced.”
  2. Click “Code Injection”
  3. Open a new tab and go to the Foxy website and access your “Foxy Admin”
  4. Click on Sample Code (near the top of the page) and Copy the snippet of code from “Step 1” on the page
  5. Go back to the Squarespace tab and paste the snippet of code you just copied into “Footer section”
  6. Click “Save Changes”

This enables your Squarespace page to operate Foxy. The next steps are:

  1. Click on “Pages” and choose the page you want to add the purchase options to.
  2. Click on “Edit” to edit page content and add a button element, which you can style to your liking.
  3. Go to the Foxy tab again, and in the Foxy Admin – copy the “href” value from the link example in the Step 2 listed on the admin page
  4. Going back to the Squarespace tab, paste the copied link into the “clickthrough URL” field
  5. Then modify the product parameters as necessary (such as cost or description) Click “Apply
  6. Changes” and “Save Settings”

This makes the button on your Squarespace page connect to Foxy, and you’re technically ready to sell the product. You can also add a product picture to the cart to show the product your customer selected:

  1. On your Squarespace page, go to view mode and right-click on your product image, then choose “Copy Image Address” from the right-click menu.
  2. Switch back to edit mode and click to edit your button element and edit the “Clickthrough URL”
  3. At the end of your “clickthrough URL” add “&image=“ (without the quotes) and paste the image address you just copied right after the equal sign
  4. Apply changes and save settings

Just like that, you have a beautiful looking, fully functional e-commerce site on your Squarespace page. We find that is the best third-party alternative shopping cart we recommend for Squarespace. Additionally, you can use Ecwid to integrate high-risk processing via either Authorize.Net or NMI into Squarespace. You can read more about that here. Keep in mind, you will need a high-risk payment gateway/merchant account combo to make this work.

Contact us for assistance today

At Tasker Payment Gateways, we’ve helped high-risk site owners set up payment processing since 2002. We specialize in finding excellent high-risk payment gateways that suit our clients’ needs and recommending high-risk merchant accounts. In other words, we are extremely familiar with the high-risk payment processing world. We can help you find and integrate the payment methods you have in mind for the platform of your choosing.

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Keep in mind, we offer lots of free advice and you don’t have to have everything figured out before you get in touch. We’re more than happy to talk through your options and what’s best for your business. Contact us today and we can help you start processing credit card payments on your high-risk Squarespace site as soon as possible.