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Selling bongs online: payment processing for water pipes  –

Selling bongs online is a lot easier than it used to be. Finding suppliers, setting up a website, and applying for a glassware friendly payment gateway that allows you to process credit cards online is more straightforward than ever before.

Below we discuss how common selling bongs and pipes online have become, what you need to keep in mind before launching your online headshop, and how to accept credit cards in a way that won’t get your merchant account or payment gateway shut down.

We’ll also look at the overall high-risk trends that affect online smoke shop businesses and make some strong recommendations regarding legal advice.

Who is Tasker Payment Gateways?

Over the years, we’ve gained valuable insights into the high-risk e-commerce processing world. We can help you process credit cards online for your online bongs, glassware, and pipe sales by pairing you with a high-risk payment gateway.

We’ll even set it up correctly for your business in the back-end of the gateway so that the processing is “smoke site friendly,” too. You can read more about merchant accounts and payment gateways here. 

As an A+ rated and BBB accredited business helping high-risk site owners since 2002, we can help you avoid the common mistakes that slow down so many pipe and glass businesses.

You can read more about what we do and how we do it on our about us page.

Need a payment gateway that allows bongs? Let us help you accept credit cards online!

Start on the right foot when selling bongs online

There’s been a lot of progress over the years regarding how easily you can set up a payment gateway and merchant account to sell bongs, glassware, pipes, and accessories online. Whether you’re selling a high volume of cheap bongs and low-cost glass, or select high-end, fashionable artisan pipes and accessories, it’s now far easier to accept payments online.

Before we move on, we want to stress that selling pipes and bongs online is still something that must be done carefully.

If you’re selling bongs, glassware, and pipes, you must consult a qualified attorney that knows the industry and e-commerce in general. This is especially important, considering that your products can be misinterpreted to facilitate illegal drug use. Federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply – which makes things tricky. It’s better to start out right and avoid legal issues down the road.

The online sale of bongs, glassware, and pipes is very much possible across most of the United States and Canada.

At the time of writing this article, you can generally accept credit cards for a legal online headshop selling bongs, glass pipes, vapes, grinders, processing equipment, CBD, or dab rigs.

This page is not intended as legal advice or any statement on legality. We do not offer legal advice, and the information we provide is only intended as a first step in your independent research.

Bongs, pipes, and glassware websites are becoming common

The increase in popularity of bongs and other glassware products is fairly universal across the United States and Canada. However, there’s been a greater increase in demand in states that have decriminalized recreational cannabis and have leaner regulations on tobacco products, including vaporizers and e-liquid.

The high-risk trends of selling bongs online and in-store are pointing towards the products becoming very commonplace.

As an example, Barneys, the luxury designer department store, has joined in to capitalize on this high increase in demand. They’ve launched their headshop called “High End,” which is a store-within-a-store concept, in Beverly Hills and online.

It’s not only big, established companies that are enjoying this market growth. We also see new brands grow in popularity and gain name recognition. This year alone, we have worked with dozens of new online smoke shops that are rapidly growing and establishing market share.

Luckily, there’s still plenty of growth potential. There’s no reason you can’t join in and start selling bongs online. While you’ll want to ensure that you’re on a solid legal footing, you’ll also want to make sure you have the necessary payment processing capabilities.

How to accept credit cards and sell pipes and bongs online

At Tasker Payment Gateways LLC, we help high-risk site owners across many business types get the payment gateways they need to sell their products successfully. With the right payment gateway and platform combination, you’ll be able to successfully accept credit cards online for bongs, grinders, and other accessories without the stress of worrying about the next merchant account shut-down notice.

There are many different platforms and payment solutions that work for glassware, pipe, and bong sales. Below is a short overview of some software that generally works for your business type:
Important: do your own research and check all your vendor’s terms and conditions carefully. 

While these are all viable options, there are plenty more, and the big question is which one will be the best combination for your unique business. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give you a recommendation without knowing more about your business. Contact us anytime for a free, friendly pipe payment gateway quote.

Why do we like to take the time to learn a little about your business before making a recommendation?

For example, you might be selling products with different risk levels, or you might be selling only high-risk products. Depending on which is true, our recommendation would change substantially. Similarly, state legislation and shipping regulations can play a direct part in what works for you.

Let us give you some free advice and a helping hand with your payment gateway and high-risk merchant account. You can also read more about the best payment gateways for high-risk products here.

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Set up a payment gateway for selling bongs online

As we’ve outlined, there are some specifics that make a big difference as to what payment gateways will work best for you. However, to give you some up-front tips, there are two primary gateways that often work best for selling bongs online: Authorize.Net and the NMI payment gateway. However, that’s only if these gateways are set up correctly for smoke shop processing on the back end.

This is where our recommendations and free integration advice comes in.

Both of these gateways work great for selling smoking accessories, bongs, pipes, and glassware. They do have different benefits, so get in touch with us. We’re happy to give you some free advice and insights that will help you successfully accept credit card payments for online bong sales. You can reach us using our contact form below, or you can contact us here at any time.

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