Have you recently changed banks and closed your old account? If you have and you use NMI as your gateway you will need to update the account and routing numbers on file at NMI (Network Merchants, Inc.).
When the next billing cycle comes around, if NMI tries to draft your fees from your old checking account and is unsuccessful, you will be hit with a $30 NSF (insufficient funds) charge, and you may not be able to process until that is cleared up!
Changing your bank account information at NMI (Network Merchants, Inc) is a simple process: just call your reseller, provide them with a voided check or similar and they’ll make the change for you.  Keep in mind this is currently the only way to update your account info (called DDA and ABA). You cannot do it through your NMI log-in, nor can you do it by calling NMI directly.
Also, don’t forget to change your bank account information with your credit card processor as well!
If you have any questions, we’re happy to help — just give us a call, or send an email.


John Stevenson


John @ TaskerPaymentGateways .com