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What is an “Authorize.Net merchant account?”

There’s no simple answer. Many high-risk website owners ask us about setting up an “Authorize.Net merchant account.” However, the trouble is that there’s no such thing… technically, at least. Authorize.Net is a payment gateway – and that’s different. Please continue reading below to learn more, or Contact us any time for free, friendly advice.

Authorize.Net Infographic - What is an Authorize.Net Merchant Account? - Tasker Payment Gateways LLC

What most people actually mean when they say “Authorize.Net merchant account” is an Authorize.Net payment gateway combined with a merchant account set up expressly for Authorize.Net – often – but not necessarily –  by an Authorize.Net partner.

Clarity around Authorize.Net’s software and a 3rd party merchant account

If you’ve come across conflicting information about setting up Authorize.Net, we’d like to clarify something. If you’re looking to get the merchant account piece from Authorize.Net, you’re not likely to face any trouble if you sell low-risk, “standard” products.

However, we wouldn’t advise getting your merchant account directly from Authorize.Net if you’re selling high-risk products. This is because it’s difficult to tell whether or not the merchant account you get will be appropriately set up for high-risk payment processing.

This conflicting information is often rooted in the fact that the terminology used by Authorize.Net payment gateway resellers and merchant account providers are often very similar. This is because merchant accounts and Authorize.Net payment gateways are often sold together. Unless you have the expertise and experience, it can be very tricky to differentiate the two from each other.

Tasker Payment Gateways LLC knows high-risk Authorize.Net

Established in 2002, A+ rated, and BBB accredited, our expert recommendations from payment experts, like Tasker Payment Gateways LLC, can be a real help when you want to use Authorize.Net to sell high-risk products.

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