High-risk payment gateways for WooCommerce

Are you new to WooCommerce and looking for a high-risk payment gateway or merchant account recommendation? Maybe you have heard about WooCommerce from a friend but were surprised to learn that not all payment providers want your business because you are deemed high-risk? Maybe another provider recently told you that your product did not fit in with their terms and conditions only after you had built your site and were ready to launch?

Regardless of the reason, we are not only eager to support new merchants that want to accept credit cards online, but we take it one step further and offer free one-on-one setup support with a dedicated independent agent that will be with you for as long as you process. We can also provide customized credit card processing recommendations based on your specific situation and our years of experience. We are proud to offer ongoing support for high-risk merchants looking to use WooCommerce.

Authorize.Net and NMI are both terrific WooCommerce solutions

Both Authorize.Net and NMI are fantastic solutions for WooCommerce. They allow seamless integrations, including native reporting and the ability to refund orders directly from within WooCommerce, saving extra steps and added room for delays and errors.

Friendly A+ rated WooCommerce high-risk payment gateway support

Since 2002 we have been helping high-risk merchants sell online and we have hundreds of merchants using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is extremely easy to install and use, but even so, many new e-commerce merchants may want a little extra help setting up a gateway for the first time. Most high-risk merchants get frustrated trying to sort out “prohibited category” friendly payment gateways and credit card processing options or mitigating chargebacks when their business lends itself to fraud.

If you are an e-commerce “newbie” you might have a question about payment integration, or simply be overwhelmed by all the choices and terms. That is where we can help take the confusion out of your life. You worry about traffic and products, and we will handle the payment gateway! We gladly work with all business types including traditional e-commerce merchants, electronic cigarette online stores, internet marketers, online FFL dealers, pipe and glassware merchants, and much much more. We are BBB A+ rated and welcome any questions, big or small.