Shopify Payments prohibited products and services

Shopify offers a seamless, simple to use, out of the box, credit card processing gateway called Shopify Payments. Unfortunately for merchants in high-risk categories like electronic cigarettes, premium cigars, firearms, wine beer and spirits, and trial based supplement websites, Shopify Payments prohibits many e-commerce sites from using their payment platform.

There is no conspiracy here, Shopify is happy to process for just about any legal business type, and are great to work with, it’s only that their standard credit card processor does not accept all business types. Shopify Payments is very popular and works exceptionally well for traditional, low-risk businesses. If your site is either non-traditional or is considered high-risk, please keep reading below.

How to accept credits cards using NMI if Shopify Payments turns you down

Luckily, Shopify does offer merchants the option of using their own high-risk friendly payment gateway and merchant account combo.

The Shopify integrated shopping cart works with over 70 payment gateways. Among these portals is one of our favorites – Network Merchants, more commonly known as NMI. NMI is a leader among the various payment gateways and is highly regarded for its wealth of features and for the flexibility it gives to all merchants. This especially benefits those websites that have been deemed “high-risk” by Shopify Payments.

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Businesses that have struggled to find a credit card processing recommendation and gateway that suits their needs have often found a perfect solution in NMI. Let us make it easy for you. We will help find you a merchant account that appreciates your business, and work with you one on one to integrate an NMI payment gateway with your Shopify store.

NMI features that work for high-risk

One reason why NMI works so well with Shopify is its ability to manage multiple accounts under a single login – that means merchants managing several Shopify sites can access their credit card processing and payment gateway accounts under one login and generate reports from one place, instead of having to access several different user profiles. Don’t get us wrong, the vast majority of NMI merchants only manage one merchant account through their gateway, and it works perfectly for single merchant account businesses.

High-risk businesses, such as multi-level marketers, FFL dealers, and online e-cigarette stores, can reap the added benefit of NMI’s proprietary ATRI multi-merchant account balancing feature. ATRI, commonly (and often incorrectly) known as “load balancing” automatically routes sales through multiple merchant accounts, allowing merchants to more easily manage sales volume and route their “high risk” products through potentially more expensive gateway processing solutions that accepts such items, while limiting the number of other merchant account transactions that are assessed such higher fees.

NMI also offers a PCI-compliant environment called The Vault in which merchants can store customer data for recurring billing or future purchases – a feature that enhances Shopify’s standalone capabilities as an online storefront.

What makes Shopify so great anyway?

Shopify is the brainchild of a programmer-turned-internet entrepreneur – and is arguably one of the more accessible and feature-rich platforms on which to create a virtual store for both traditional websites, and high-risk e-commerce like vape, FFL, cigars, alcohol,  and nutritional supplements.

For merchants without design or programming skills, it offers over a hundred professional and easy-to-customize templates from which to create a storefront. For those wearing multiple hats, it provides easy, and hassle-free store management features such as customer account administration, order fulfillment, and user-friendly refund tools.

Ready to accept credit cards on your vape, firearms, wine, or cigar site?

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