How to sell high-risk products on BigCommerce 101

BigCommerce, payment gateways, and merchant accounts

BigCommerce is a useful and popular e-commerce platform with more and more high-risk merchants moving to it. BigCommerce is compatible with many different payment gateways, including two of our favorites, NMI and Authorize.Net. This means that most high-risk categories can use BigCommerce as long as they have the appropriate merchant account.

High-risk NMI and Authorize.Net setup for BigCommerce

Your offer type will help us determine the best match for you in terms of a payment gateway and merchant account recommendation. For example, if you are a premium cigar of the month merchant with the need for low-cost recurring billing and a data storage program, you might be best suited to connect with Authorize.Net. On the other hand, if you are an FFL distributor or a vape or e-cig merchant with both a wholesale and B2C account that you want to access from one payment gateway, you might be best suited with NMI. Additionally, NMI is a great choice for Multi-Level Marketers, Telemarketers, biz-ops, and all multi-site merchants. High-risk merchants often have multiple products categories, or possibly multiple web-stores operating at once. In this case, we can help you minimize your need for various payment gateways with minimal additional coordination.

A platform like BigCommerce will allow you to set up multiple stores accounted for individually, which means we can help you set up several various high-risk product lines and manage them from one place. Feel free to contact us for advice or help with no obligation or upfront cost. Getting you set up right the first time is crucial, and we are here to help.

Setting up a high-risk payment gateway within BigCommerce

Do you need a high-risk payment gateway for BigCommerce? If so, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, and we will set one up for you right away. If you already have a high-risk payment gateway and simply need to know how to integrate it, please follow the simple steps below.

The process of connecting your payment gateway with your BigCommerce store is straightforward, but entering wrong information or going in unprepared can lead to a lot of hassles down the road. So to guide you along the way, here are some simple steps to follow.

  1. Simply navigate to your Store Setup and click on Payments.
  2. Next click the “+” button next to Other Online Payment Methods,
  3. Add the payment gateway we have recommended and set up for you
  4. This will bring you to a form: input your payment gateway information, and save once done
  5. Immediately put your new gateway into test mode (accessible under payment methods on your payment page)
  6. Test your payment gateway
  7. Take your payment gateway out of test mode

Please note that when you have placed your new gateway into test mode, it is critical to not only test your payment gateway but to take it OUT of test mode when you have finished testing and are satisfied with the result. Not taking your payment gateway out of test mode might result in lost revenue, as you won’t really be charging anything for your products. Follow this link for more detailed instructions on setting up a payment gateway on BigCommerce.

Merchant accounts and your high-risk e-commerce store

As mentioned above, you must have a high-risk merchant account that works in tandem with a payment gateway in order to properly charge for your high-risk products. Our recommended partners handle all of this coordination for you.

We can help refer you to a merchant account that will suit your needs for your product line and business, and assist with chargeback mitigation programs whenever needed.

High-risk products and BigCommerce

BigCommerce as a platform is great for selling just about anything. It has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a major e-commerce platform including design customization, specialized and third-party designed apps to increase functionality for your specific purposes, conversion tools and analytic reports as well as SEO optimization options. What’s more, BigCommerce isn’t restrictive of high-risk e-commerce and has options and functionality for many of the more common high-risk products lines.

The BigCommerce site even lists firearms and e-cigs/vaping as specific products supported by their platform, which says a lot about their confidence in providing a reliable space for those merchants. One reason for this might be because the platform easily makes itself useful for both. It offers email marketing and other ways of reminding returning customers what’s new and on sale, along with great product catalog designs and themes to entice new customers into checking out everything you have to offer. Remember that we are here to help get you set up and running with NMI and a recommended merchant account for your high-risk business at no cost.

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