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High-risk payment gateways for OpenCart

Accept credit cards for your high-risk OpenCart business 

Credit card processing is essential to any e-commerce site. For vape and e-liquid merchants, FFL dealers, online premium cigar sites, supplement marketers, ammunition e-commerce sites and other high-risk industries it is an even more important decision to make. OpenCart connects to NMI, ePN, and high-risk Authorize.Net, 3 of our favorite payment gateways that all allow us to make specific merchant account recommendations and ensure that your high-risk payment gateway is paired up with a high-risk merchant account on the back end. This is essential; otherwise, you may be declined or shut off which is common when new high-risk merchants apply for processing directly on payment gateway website.

Ready to start accepting payments for your high-risk OpenCart Business?

Want to learn more about OpenCart’s features and benefits?

Open-source free software for your e-store

With all the choices in e-commerce cart software, it’s important to choose a short list of features and capabilities you are looking for. If cheap, powerful, and simple to use are on that short list, you might want to check out OpenCart. OpenCart is an open source shopping cart solution that is not only free to use but packed full of features and functionality for the price. Starting with your basic options of listing products and accepting payments, and providing you with full control over your admin team and user management, OpenCart also comes with built-in back-up and restore functionality so if anything happens to your site you can retrieve your last backed up version easily and quickly.

Rise above your competitors with powerful e-commerce features

OpenCart takes it a step further by also incorporating multi-store functionality and control, so that you can have multiple stores with varying themes and products under your control from one source. With NMI compatibility you can also manage all your merchant accounts from one gateway. To learn more about NMI you can click here. There are many ways to make money in e-commerce, and one of those is affiliate marketing. OpenCart includes an affiliate program that allows affiliates to list special products and set percentages. Incorporate your own deals and coupons on your products with built-in discounts feature. Share those discounts on social media to make a huge impact and increase your sales. Also don’t be afraid to list any and all products you offer, as there is no limit to OpenCart’s catalog, including downloadable products. There is also a rewards program for frequent buyers you can setup and use to encourage customers to return.

Take your business to the international level with ease

OpenCart makes international business easy by accepting multiple forms of currency, rates that are updated automatically, and you can set up taxes on your products to fit the customer’s local needs. Don’t be worried that non-English speaking shoppers will pass you by; OpenCart comes with support for over 40 languages, which will allow your shoppers to read your site easily. If you sell subscriptions you can set up recurring billing with no hassle, and shipping your products has never been easier with support for most shipping methods used nationally and globally.