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High-risk Authorize.Net for Vtiger

High-risk friendly CRM on-demand 

Is your high-risk business missing a crucial piece to help it rise to the next level? Have you really been putting a full effort into customer data management? These days any business that isn’t online is in some sense losing money. From the biz-op entrepreneur to the nutritional supplement marketer, everyone can benefit from one of the digital solutions available these days. Vtiger hopes to be an essential CRM tool for modern e-commerce marketers.

Digital Marketing simplified and powerful

Vtiger has just about every digital marketing tool you would think to need. From email marketing automation to social media plugins, your business can get its message out to anyone. Another feature that would be especially useful for Internet marketing firms is automation. If you help other businesses with their marketing you could just upload their content and set-up the campaign with ease. Not only helpful to professional marketers but to any small business who markets for themselves.

A fully supported CRM for high-risk payments

One of the hardest parts of any business is finding potential customers, and then even more difficult is convincing them to give you their money for whatever service or products you offer. Vtiger pushes the odds in your favor by helping to manage leads and allowing you to collaborate easily with your team or business partners. Easily keep track of all the sales, contact info, and other notes from your team, all in one place. Paperwork becomes a breeze when you create it in Vtiger, turn quotes into invoices with just a click, and discover more powerful features that shorten your list of business tasks. 

Nurture client relationships with CRM solutions

The first benefit Vtiger brings to customer relations is how easy it is to keep track of and share information with your team. Make sure deadlines are met and the team is on track with notifications, reminders, and updates from every member in real time. Manage customer support with a smart system to help you keep requests organized. Build custom reports and stay informed with analytics and other performance indicators to keep your efforts effective.

High-risk e-commerce ready

Vtiger comes loaded with the ability to list products and services and manage your inventory easily. With all the other marketing tools at your disposal, it should be easy to get any web store up and running. It is worth noting that there are three different packages you can purchase from Vtiger, but realistically you only need to purchase 2 to get everything they offer. Purchasing the Sales package will give you a lot of features, but purchasing the CRM on-demand package will give you all of them, in addition, it might be worth purchasing a larger support package if your business offers support through software. See a full list of features and pricing here. If you need a payment gateway and high-risk processing account to go with it, we can help. Contact us anytime to learn more.

Payment processing and merchant accounts

If you are in a business considered high-risk by processors, with very little effort you can have Vtiger up, running and accepting payments through a payment gateway with Authorize.Net as long as you pair it with the correct merchant account. Learn more about how we can help you acquire an appropriate Authorize.Net gateway and recommend a merchant account here.