How to sell e-juice and vape products on Shopify

Over the years we have helped hundreds of Shopify merchants set up a vape friendly payment gateway and have learned a lot about it. You may already be aware that the Shopify out of the box payment gateway has total restrictions on many “high-risk transactions” including vape pens, e-juice, and mods; this is where we can help you. Shopify has apps and platforms to help you sell just about anywhere but certain products are a touch harder to sell.

You can absolutely sell vaporizers, e-juice, pens, and mods on Shopify with a little help and updated information under your belt. We will assist you in setting up a vape friendly Shopify compatible payment gateway and recommending a merchant account setup on the back end that actually appreciates your online vape business. We will work with you one on one until your Shopify store is up, running, and accepting payments.

Set up your Shopify vape store to receive payments today

Learn more about high-risk payment gateways for Shopify

Over the years we have learned the ins and outs of the industry, and we will take the time to make sure your Authorize.Net account is set up with a vape friendly merchant account, so you do not have any surprises. Authorize.Net is one of our preferred choices of high-risk payment gateways for Shopify for many reasons. First off they have a great fraud prevention program in place, protecting you from threats and fraud and keeping up with security updates.

They offer a recurring billing tool that allows you to create subscriptions and member services adding another revenue stream to your website. Another great feature is your ability to sync with QuickBooks and as you would expect with any reliable payment gateway, your data is secure. They’re secure, fast, plus relatively easy to setup, they only require a vape friendly merchant account to get started. A merchant account is the processing relationship that connects the gateway to your banking account. It is critical that you do not just “go online” and sign up for a payment gateway if you are selling any high-risk product.

Setting up your payment gateway is fairly straightforward, but we don’t mind hopping on a call and doing it with you. By going into your Shopify payment processor settings and adding a “third-party provider,” in this case, your new, e-cig friendly Authorize.Net account you can be online very quickly.

The future of vape payment gateways for Shopify

These days there has been some speculation about the vape industry and its profitability. Last year saw a serious scare in regulation change, where manufacturing standards and practices were to be increased in such a way that jeopardized many; a huge percentage of current manufacturers, especially small ones, would have gone out of business instead of meeting these standards due to the cost of regulation and compliance.

That scare has mostly passed with changes to the political landscape, but concern over things like regulations for payment transactions and new banking rules are still prevalent. Despite those business concerns consumers are still buying vaporizers and their accessories, sales are still climbing, Shopify is still an elegant solution that is vape friendly when you get the right help ahead of time,  you can still get in on the profits of this market, and we can help.

The good news when it comes to selling vaporizers on Shopify:

  • Consumers are still buying vaporizers and their accessories by the millions from thousands of independent site owners like you
  • Sales are still climbing with no end in sight
  • Shopify is still an elegant solution that is vape friendly when you get the right help ahead of time
  • You can still get in on the profits of this market
  • There are options to get set up selling vape products and e-juice without paying a $500 registration fee
  • We can help by correctly setting up your Shopify e-cig payment gateway and by remaining a resource for as long as you are in the business

Let us get to work for your vape business

We will set up a vape friendly gateway for YOUR BUSINESS and your needs. We don’t just setup standard payment gateways for average customers. We cater payment gateways and recommend the merchant accounts they connect to based on the needs of each Shopify merchant. Therefore if you are interested in setting up a vape site we will set up the gateway, find you a stable, no reserve, vape friendly merchant account and work with you, one on one, to ensure you’re ready to use the system and correctly process transactions.

We can also help by recommending software like chargeback mitigation that might make your website more profitable or your business more organized. In addition to Shopify, we have an extensive list of software that is compatible with a various number of platforms including WooCommerce for WordPress. We also have a blog where we share current news, tips, and updates in the e-commerce industry.

Shopify, as previously mentioned, is incredibly useful for electronic commerce merchants like yourself. It’s the biggest perk is how versatile its platform is, running from desktop computers or mobile phones or even on social media or other software platforms without the need for specific knowledge. No programming is necessary, and you can customize your themes to make them represent you and your business.

Utilizing a unified platform is much easier than many e-commerce solutions these days. All of your tools and management software are in one place, easy to access and you can customize your products, services, and branding. Shopify takes care of a lot of your needs to allow you to focus on growing your business. Marketing, secure checkout, shipping logistics, are all taken care of for you, giving you maximum time to develop your business. Shopify has been a growing name in e-commerce, and as it grows, it has created many powerful partnerships which have increased its usefulness and reach, allowing even the smallest e-commerce shops to market successfully and find their niche customers all over the world. With over 500,000 businesses, 1 million users and over $40 Billion in sales it’s easy to see why Shopify has become so successful.

We highly recommend you consider using Shopify if you are just starting out, or starting a new side venture, just make sure you contact us first and let us help you with the payment processing piece. Having many of the logistics taken care of up front makes it easier to make money on your e-commerce site. Contact us to get started selling e-juice, vaporizers, pens, mods, and accessories now!