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How to sell vape & e-juice using WooCommerce

Are you mostly satisfied with your new WordPress electronic cigarette website, but have questions as to how best implement e-commerce functionality? WooCommerce, and a carefully selected payment gateway may be the answer you are looking for.

WooCommerce is an excellent choice for vape sites

It can be hard to know which WordPress plugins are reliable, secure, and (most importantly) able to process your vape hardware or e-juice payments. These days especially, there is a lot of change related confusion in what we call the “high-risk” e-commerce market which includes selling vape hardware and e-juice online.

Finding an affordable, vape-friendly, WooCommerce payment gateway -merchant account combo can be hard, and we can help. Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, and we will start working on setting up your e-cig site for e-commerce right away!

WordPress is a versatile platform, and there are many choices, but certainly one of the best and most popular WordPress shopping cart options for online e-cig and e-juice stores is WooCommerce. We have helped hundreds of electronic cigarette businesses use it, and, by and large, they love it. We have come to know WooCommerce pretty darn well too, and offer one on one, personalized guidance to help get e-commerce electronic cigarette merchants using WooCommerce on the WordPress platform up and running in no time. We can even help with no registration fee, no set-up fee, payment gateways for e-commerce electronic cigarette and e-juice sites!

vape solutions for woocommerce – Tasker Payment Gateway quote image

WordPress plug-ins will enhance your e-cig business

The giant world of WordPress and WooCommerce compatible plug-ins enable you to create an e-commerce website that does exactly what you want it to do. Additionally, Woo Commerce is mobile friendly out of the box and is infinitely scalable so your site can grow as your business grows.

WooCommerce opens up more possibilities for vape merchants than just run of the mill e-commerce. With programs like the Sensei plug-in, you can create online educational or promotional courses for resellers, sell memberships to recurring billing auto-ship clubs (a potentially HUGE revenue source) and so much more. Don’t forget; we can help set up a gateway and recommend a processor that is comfortable with your recurring billing model. Contact us anytime to learn more using the form at the bottom of this page.

Because WooCommerce is open source, programmers have created an extensive library of useful tools, some free and some premium. Some of these plugins can help with things like marketing and promotion. For example, e-mail marketing extensions like Constant Contact and AWeber can make the advertising e-mails you send more eye-catching and interesting, and look less like spam, helping you catch more potential buyers. Additionally, there are solid plugins for social media interaction and other promotional extensions.

Other useful extensions include shipping help and inventory management. It is important to mention that there are tons of these third-party extensions that offer a wide variety of functionality which could prove invaluable to your e-commerce sales effort, but you need to be aware and check reviews as WooCommerce is an open-source platform.

With WordPress, the world is your tech team

Another perk with using WooCommerce is that it’s so well-known. When you need ideas, suggestions, or an emergency fix, the fact that everyone is familiar with WooCommerce can be a huge positive for your business.

E-cig friendly payment gateways and no reserve merchant account recommendations

Signing up for a payment gateway like Authorize.Net or NMI is a straightforward process if done right. In addition to the payment gateway, you will need an electronic cigarette friendly merchant account as well. If you get a gateway that is connected to the wrong merchant account for your industry, it can cause unexpected shutdowns and held funds, so contact us early in the process if you can and we will set you in the right direction.

Over our many years in the industry, we have learned the ins and outs of all the major players and can recommend a fast set up, no reserve merchant account for nearly any online vape business. We can help you through the entire process from simple help to full on hand-holding. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help! Being in the “high-risk” category can be a bit of a pain, so we try to simplify it as much as possible.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us even if you simply have a quick question. We offer help and advice at no cost or obligation to sign up for services. Through our years of experience, we have found that most of our clients come from relationships we build and referrals from those we have helped to begin or improve their e-commerce stores. As a result, we gladly and freely offer our knowledge and expertise to anyone who wants to succeed in today’s highly profitable “high-risk” e-commerce industries.

Vape and WooCommerce means stable processing options & no double fees

One of the most significant features of selling your vape products using WordPress and WooCommerce is that neither tries to lead you to their preferred payment processor. This means not only can you choose a vape friendly processor out of the gate, and avoid declines and account shutdowns, you can avoid paying the double fees some site builders charge when you use a specific vape friendly processor of your choice.

Ready to start accepting payments on your WooCommerce vape site?