Authorize.Net’s list of prohibited categories

Update as of January 22nd, 2014.

Authorize.Net is now allowing online gun / FFL sales and online vaping electronic cigarette sales.

Read our updated FFL/ firearm post here and our updated electronic cigarette post here.


Previous post below from January 7, 2014.

Currently referred to as “Appendix B – prohibited activities”, as of the writing of this post, Authorize.Net’s list of product types and categories that they do not allow are listed on page 7 of the PDF that is found on their site here:

If your product or service is on this banned activities list you need to set up a payment gateway other than Authnet and make sure the associated credit card processor is also compatible with your industry.

Authorize.Net is a fantastic, industry-leading solution with many 10’s of thousands of very satisfied merchants worldwide, they are a great fit for the vast majority of merchants BUT…… they do not work with all industry types, especially those deemed “high risk”. If you are in the firearms or ammunition industry you may already know their stance on eCommerce firearms sales through their gateway. Additionally, if you are in the MLM or vaping business may also be familiar with their prohibited items list, if you are not please take the time to read it.

Some items on the list are illegal, and there is no reputable place in America that will, or should, allow their sale, but many other items are simply deemed high risk by the payment data and credit card processing industries. These “high risk” items are regularly, and legally sold every day by thousands of merchants, they simply need to be sold correctly, using the proper gateway and merchant service providers.

Should you be unsure about your specific business, or feel a little “frazzled” by a recent gateway rejection, please take a moment to contact us with a description of your product or service and we will make a payment gateway recommendation for you. There are great alternatives to Authorize.Net for those merchants who do not fall under their allowed merchant types.

Don’t get “caught” and shut down the month before your biggest marketing blitz ever! Do it right the first time.