As of the writing of this blog, industry sources are confirming Authorize.Net’s terms no longer prohibit electronic cigarettes, hooka pens or similar previously prohibited categories. You heard that right; as of right now Authnet is no longer banning e-cig merchants from using their gateway.

Previously all vaping related products were clearly and specifically placed on their prohibited activities list, along with online gun sales, weapons, etc.  That entire section including the reference to guns, ammunition and other weapons no longer appears to be within their service agreement.

Check it out for yourself, here is a link to their main terms  and here is a link to their service agreement

The e-cig world is ever changing, and with official word from regulators still on the horizon it is sure to keep on changing. Here is a link to the FDA page on the subject, as you can see there is still a lot that is up in the air.

If you are an eCommerce vaping related merchant and would like to talk payment gateways, please contact asap, we expect to be even busier…  very very soon!