AKA Foxy Cart and high-risk payment gateways: a software spotlight

What is and isn’t

It’s important to note that Foxy Cart, also known as is essentially an advanced e-commerce cart for your high or low-risk online business. It’s meant for those of you who want a better, more secure and flexible checkout experience for your shoppers. It’s not an all in one platform or solution, and we would recommend it for those who are comfortable with a more complex website solution for maximum performance, efficiency, and security. Foxy has payment flexibility that allows us to recommend compatible payment gateways for cigar sites, FFL and tactical websitesonline vape, and smoking accessory shops, and most other high-risk websites.

The Foxy alternative for e-commerce merchants

High-risk e-commerce website owners know how important it is to have a sturdy, reliable e-commerce shopping cart for their customers; is an intriguing choice for those looking to upgrade their current e-commerce software. More than a shopping cart

If you’re in the market for a better high-risk e-commerce checkout and are looking for a fast, stable, and secure solution, you would do well to take a look into (formerly Foxy Cart).

While Foxy Cart was, as the name implies, a shopping cart platform, is an extensive e-commerce checkout plugin – and more than just a simple cart service. Now can support a much broader array of online businesses, such as multi-vendor marketplaces and CMS solutions.

How high-risk site owners can benefit from Foxy

Foxy Cart could be a great fit for a high-risk website owner who wants to build a custom e-commerce site. Clients we regularly recommend merchant accounts to like FFL dealers, cigar or tobacco sales, glass pipes, and paraphernalia sites, and vape pens and e-cigs merchants often build out very complex checkouts once they grow. We like because it will scale with your business. You can start small with 15¢ per transaction if you have as little as $99 in sales per month. Or you can go bigger with 5¢ per transaction when you have sales of $599 or more per month. will also work with you to help you build the site you want if their standard platform doesn’t quite fit all your needs. One of the best features of Foxy is their multi-vendor functionality, which allows you to sell multiple different product channels on one store and even one transaction. allows Squarespace site owners to accept credit cards

Another incredible feature in Foxy is it’s easily integrated with many e-commerce and website platforms.  For example, many site owners on Squarespace find that they can easily add high-risk payments to their site by using So if you’re looking for an e-commerce upgrade for your already setup web-store might be the perfect solution.

The value here is that Foxy effectively adds high-risk payment capabilities that Squarespace would not have otherwise. As a consequence, you’ll be able to make full use of all the features and capabilities Squarespace has to offer – even though you couldn’t technically sell high-risk products with Squarespace out of the box.

The great thing about Foxy’s integrations is that it offers you plenty of high-risk payment gateway compatibilities. You can, for example, use both NMI and Authorize.Net when you connect Foxy to your site-builder and platform.

Foxy Cart features comes stocked with what many would consider a standard set of features and functions for an e-commerce checkout plugin. As mentioned above, Foxy is very compatible with many e-commerce and standard website platforms, meaning you can expand Foxy’s functionality by matching it with a web-platform with any features Foxy might be lacking on its own. Alternatively, with an open-source platform like WordPress, which Foxy is compatible with, you can add functionality either yourself or hire someone to code for you. That alone makes Foxy a great e-commerce cart/platform for online retailers.

Making your e-commerce site mobile-ready

As for functionality from Foxy itself, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Foxy comes mobile-ready, making your web-store compatible with every device out there right now, from iPads to Android phones and even Amazon’s Kindle, your customers will have no problem shopping and paying on your store.

A well developed and thought out shopper experience is designed to help you create repeat customers.

Top quality security and support

Top of the line security features and support mean that Foxy goes above and beyond to help protect your data. Digital products and drop shipping are wholly supported, giving you an extensive product inventory before you even add anything from your own stock, helping you make easy money. Easy shipping and delivery options for the products you do physically have in your possession. Build customer loyalty with subscriptions, and allow for donations either for projects of yours or to go to select charities of your choice to share with your customers causes that matter to you.

Multivendor advantages in Foxy

One tricky part of the high-risk industry is that each product market has different needs from a merchant account and sometimes those needs make that market incompatible with others. What if you wanted to sell multiple high-risk products on one website? That is a function Foxy attempts to make available for everyone.

The trouble, when it comes to high-risk websites, is that often site owners are unable to find a merchant account that will allow them to host multiple high-risk products on one web-store. If this sounds like you, please reach out to us for a high-risk merchant account recommendation. We know all the major players and can make a recommendation at no cost to you- we are paid by the processors in exchange for bringing them quality website owners.

Connect Foxy to site builders like Wix and expand your payment gateway options

One of’s biggest strengths is that it takes e-commerce solutions that are good, and brings them up to another level.

A great example of this is how you can connect Foxy to Wix. Wix, as you might know, is a very smooth e-commerce site-builder that allows you to quickly create a fully functional online shop. It has a whole host of great features that e-commerce site owners love, regardless of industry and business type. Wix is interesting for high-risk site owners, because you can connect it to Authorize.Net. However, that still leaves out a good few merchants. With Foxy integrated with your Wix store, on the other hand, you can now use the NMI payment gateway. This matters because certain high-risk processors only integrate with NMI, not Authorize.Net.

In other words, by integrating with Wix, you suddenly open up your e-commerce business to a much larger pool of high-risk processors.

Payment gateways for high-risk merchants on

High-risk merchants know that they need a high-risk payment gateway to charge credit cards and other forms of modern payment. Foxy is compatible with a lot of different payment gateways, and fortunately, that includes 2 of our favorite gateways, Authorize.Net and NMI, both of which have their advantages.

Authorize.Net is an excellent gateway for almost any high-risk market and is one of the most stable and affordable payment gateways out there for both high and low-risk merchants. We often set up FFL dealers, e-cig and vape pen vendors, and premium cigars shops on AuthNet. It takes some extra care for us to set it up properly (with appropriate high-risk processing on the back end) but isn’t complicated, and most merchants qualify for a $0 setup fee.

NMI is particularly useful to those who have multiple merchant accounts for their high-risk products. NMI features a great admin interface which allows you to manage several stores you run through one back end, instead of having to log into each one individually. This is typically our solution to the merchant account problem we mentioned above.

Now is a great time to get started accepting credit cards on Whether you are transferring your current high-risk payment gateway or opening a new one, we can help you with any merchant account or payment gateway issues you have. Just fill in the contact form below, and we will get started working on payments for your site ASAP.