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Tasker Payment Gateways LLC

TaskerPaymentGateways.com updated on 06/14/2021 – Microsoft opt-out information and UET information

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes your privacy rights regarding information that can be associated with you, specifically, and can be used to identify you (“Personal Information”) which is collected, used, stored, or shared by Tasker Payment Gateways LLC, a Maine limited liability company (“Tasker”). Personal Information does not include information that has been made anonymous so that it does not identify a specific user.

This policy applies to Personal Information collected by Tasker in any form, whether through the internet, over the phone, in person, or by any other means, including through inquiries for services provided by Tasker, advice given by Tasker, or recommendations made by Tasker, even if you never become a customer.

You are reading the most current version of this policy. We may amend this policy at any time, and those amendments will take immediate effect. If we make a substantial amendment to this policy, we will provide notice of those changes on our website, with instructions on what to do if you have questions about the new policy.

You accept this Privacy Policy when you:

  1. contact or inquire from Tasker via website, phone, email, contact form, or any other type of communication, regarding services, products, content, features, technologies or functions offered by or through Tasker, including but not limited to processing transactions and the facilitation of 3rd party billing (collectively “Services”);
  2. sign up for, access, or use the Services.


Collection of Personal Information:

Tasker may collect Personal Information, by all means, including, but not limited to, through the internet, on paper, via email, over the phone, and in person. We may also collect your Personal Information from third parties such as credit bureaus and identity verification services. The collection, use, sharing and storage of any Personal Information we may receive from a third party varies by vendor and is controlled by that vendor’s privacy policy. By authorizing Tasker to have access to an account managed by a third party, you agree that Tasker may collect, use, share and store and said information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

In order to help protect you from fraud and misuse of your Personal Information, we may collect information about your use and interaction with any website owned or operated by Tasker. For example, we may evaluate your computer, mobile phone or other access device to identify any malicious software or activity.

Use and Sharing of Personal Information:

Tasker uses your Personal Information to fulfill your requests for the Services. In order to fulfill such requests, we may also send Personal Information to our affiliate partners, independent contractors and merchants, directly or through our partners.

Additionally, Tasker may share your Personal Information with other entities, such as software providers, resellers, banks, financial institutions, credit card processors, governmental agents or institutions, or other entities who work with or on behalf of Tasker to provide the Services, in the following instances:

  • To perform the Services you have requested from Tasker, or to provide you with more detailed information on Services you may require;
  • In connection with products and services offered by our partners;
  • When it is required to comply with state or federal law;
  • When it is necessary to enforce our agreement with you regarding the Services;
  • When it is necessary to enforce or apply the terms and conditions of our resellers, affiliates or other applicable agreements; and
  • When it is necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of Tasker, its users, or others, which may include the exchange of information with other organizations for fraud protection or risk reduction.

In the event that Tasker is acquired or merged with another company, your Personal Information may be transferred to that company.

Tasker does not directly share your Personal Information with unaffiliated third parties for their marketing purposes unless you have given your explicit consent.

Cookies, data collection, and Microsoft retargeting opt-out information

Tasker uses tracking software (called “cookies”) to monitor its visitors to understand better how they use websites owned or operated by Tasker and to re-target visitors via advertising. This software is provided by third parties. Other cookies may be stored on your computer’s hard drive by external vendors when Tasker uses referral programs and retargeting programs. Such cookies are used for conversion and referral tracking and typically expire after 30-180 days, though some may take longer, possibly much longer.

As you browse websites owned or operated by Tasker, advertising cookies will be placed on your computer so that we can understand what you are interested in.  Our display advertising partner, Microsoft, then enables us to present you with retargeting advertising on other sites based on your previous interaction with the Tasker Sites. This website does utilize UET tags and individual end-user tracking and data sharing with third parties for advertising and marketing purposes is used.

The collection of the data generated by the cookie and related to the use of the website as well as the processing of this data can generally be prevented by deactivating the setting of cookies by the site visitor in their browser.

In addition, based on the user’s preferences, Microsoft may be able to track usage behavior across multiple electronic devices through cross-device tracking, enabling it to display personalized advertising on or in Microsoft websites and apps. This behavior can be disabled by the site visitor at https://choice.microsoft.com/en-us/opt-out.

You can visit Microsoft’s opt-out/ad settings page to remove yourself by visiting https://account.microsoft.com/privacy/ad-settings/

Storage and Protection of Personal Information:

Tasker may store and process your Personal Information on its computers for a length of time it deems necessary to protect itself and to provide the Services. We protect your information using physical, technical, and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration. Some of the safeguards we use are firewalls and data encryption, physical access controls to our data centers, and information access authorization controls.

Controlling the Collection, Use, Storage, and Sharing of Personal Information:

Tasker maintains your preferences for use and sharing of information, including how we contact you. Some federal and state laws allow you to restrict the sharing of your Personal Information in certain instances.

You will need to comply with the privacy policies of third parties by dealing with those entities directly. If you need the terms and conditions, or privacy policy, of a specific partner or affiliate of Tasker, please contact Tasker, and we will provide you with the appropriate contact information. We are prohibited from publicly listing the names of our third-party affiliates.

If you do not accept this policy, want to place an Opt-Out or Do Not Track request, or have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy and our collection, use, sharing, or storage of your Personal Information, you may email us at matt @ taskerpaymentgateways.com.

Right to request data and have it deleted 

You may request access to any data we have stored at any time. Email us at matt @ taskerpaymentgateways.com. You may also request that we delete any of your personal info we have stored at any time.