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Does Authorize.Net offer a sandbox or test environment?

At Tasker Payment Gateways LLC, we frequently get asked about Authorize.Net’s testing capabilities. And, yes, both developer’s sandboxes and live account test modes are available. 

Many merchants and developers want to thoroughly test their payment integrations before launching with actual transactions. In this post, we break down Authorize.Net’s sandbox environment and how you can sign up.

What is Authorize.Net’s sandbox?

The sandbox provides a fully functional but isolated environment to develop and test integrations without using real payment cards or placing actual charges. It uses test accounts, so this developer tool allows you to test risk-free by using test credit card numbers that will never be processed as actual transactions.

Do I need a sandbox if I already have Authorize.Net, or should I use test mode?

Use test mode, as sandboxes are for business owners or developers who need to work on integrations but do not yet have an active Authorize.Net account to work with.

If you already have an Authorize.Net account, it will be, by default, in “Test Mode.” Test mode allows you to integrate with your shopping cart, run test sales, and become familiar with your new payment gateway. Be sure to take your gateway out of test mode – under “settings,” or your transactions will look like they were processed – but never actually will!

Resource: Test credit card numbers for developers: https://developer.authorize.net/hello_world/testing_guide.html

How to sign up for an Authorize.Net sandbox account

Simply request one using the short form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll take it from there.

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Testing different scenarios using the Authorize.Net testing environment

The sandbox gives you full access to all of Authorize.Net’s APIs, shopping cart integrations, and functionality using test data.

The testing environment allows you to simulate different payment scenarios, like successful and declined transactions, recurring billing, and card-on-file tokenized transactions. You can also test voids, refunds, and other advanced features. Complete testing is crucial for ensuring everything will work properly before going live.

Testing means peace of mind before going live with AuthorizeNet

Rather than risking payment processing fees or putting your Authorize.Net merchant account at risk of a shutdown due to fraud flags during development, the sandbox takes that pressure off.

Before running live transactions, you can test until your heart’s content, fix any integration issues, and have confidence that your integration is correct. It’s highly recommended to fully QA all of your payment scenarios in the sandbox first.

Authorize.Net offers a robust sandbox environment. Be sure to take advantage of it during integration to avoid any post-launch payment issues or chargebacks down the road.

Time to go live? Monitor and follow: Once offline testing is complete, we recommend running a $1 live transaction and following it right through to your business bank account. Additionally, due to the complexity of modern payment processing, you should always reconcile deposits and tie out your payment processing batches with your shopping cart and checking account daily.

Ready to start testing with Authorize.Net? Get a sandbox account today!

If you’d like a genuine Authorize.Net sandbox account or a live Authorize.Net account, fill out the short form below, and one of our trusted, dedicated agents will take care of all the moving pieces for you.