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35 must know NMI settings & features explained –

If you visit our site frequently, you know that we dedicate ourselves to making it as easy as possible for high-risk businesses to process payments online. Since 2002, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners that operate vape, FFL, premium cigar and tactical sites alike. We specialize in setting up excellent high-risk payment gateways and recommending merchant accounts based on each site owners needs.

We’re very glad to announce that we recently published a small library of resources for high-risk merchants interested in setting up with, or knowing more about, NMI. These pages contain videos and short descriptions of the various features that NMI has to offer. Since NMI is so well suited for a host of high-risk sites, we truly hope that you’ll take full advantage of these resources.

Of course, if you have any questions about NMI’s features, we’re always available for a no-commitment conversation. Simply use our contact form at the bottom of this post or reach us through our contact page.

The NMI features you can access on our site

To make the information as easily accessible as possible we divided the many features up into different groups. While you can always access the overview page of all the NMI features, we’ll also list the specific groups below.

General NMI settings

This is where you’ll find the general features associated with the NMI payment gateway – such as sales and payment processing, which includes check and credit card processing. You’ll also find information on failed sales and how to approach and deal with them. Of course, there’s also the reports feature, and refund and void feature under this section, as well as the authorize and capture payment function.

Other features

This page covers a wide variety of other features available through the NMI payment gateway. Here you can access information on the following features:

  • QuickClick integration
  • Customer vault
  • Recurring billing and subscription
  • File and batch uploads
  • iSpyFraud
  • Product manager
  • Invoicing
  • Integration portal
  • Advanced transaction routing (ATRI)
  • QuickBooks SyncPay

All of these will include a brief summary of the feature, and what it can do for you, together with a video that explains the feature more in-depth.

SwIPe and iProcessing features

These two features can be found on separate pages. The SwIPe software page details how the software works and allows you to have a physical PoS in addition to your high-risk e-commerce store. The software enables you to do this by allowing you to hook up a card reader to your PC, and has plenty of helpful functions you can use.

The iProcessing page covers the iProcessing app for iOS and Android. Similarly to the SwIPe software, it allows you to set up a physical PoS by using a mobile device. It offers a host of attributes and useful functions.

Useful NMI Settings for high-risk businesses

The settings resource is the most expansive page and covers a whole host of features you can dive into. The features covered under the NMI settings page are:

General options:

  • Account information
  • User accounts
  • License manager
  • Look and feel

Transaction options:

  • Settlement schedule
  • Load balancing transaction routing via ATRI interface
  • Merchant-defined fields
  • Test mode
  • API configuration
  • Report configuration
  • Convenience fee/surcharge configuration
  • Country and currency configuration

Security options:

  • Security keys
  • IP restrictions
  • Address verification
  • Card ID verification
  • Apple Pay

We made sure to give you a brief summary of each and every feature, as the videos do explain quite well and in detail how each of them work.

Contact us with any NMI questions

While we hope this resource gives you some excellent information, you might find that you still have some questions. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us through our website or via our contact form at the bottom of the page. Regardless of whether you sell vape, FFL, cigar, or tactical products, we’re here to help your business find a high-risk payment gateway and process payments. We’re always more than happy to provide you with a free-of-charge conversation about your business and high-risk payment needs. We’ll be able to give you the answers you’re looking for and help you set up an NMI account. We very much look forward to hearing back from you, and we hope you find the NMI resources helpful!