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Student Loan Businesses, Debt Pay Pro and NMI

With the school year well underway and the loan forbearance period for many college grads drawing to a close, a large number of today’s twenty-somethings are beginning to experience life with debt. We’re proud to say that some of our payment gateway clients are trying to help minimize that burden by walking them through the process of loan consolidation and management. And for this task, many have commented on the great experiences they’ve had with Debt Pay Pro in conjunction with an NMI payment gateway. Because the student loan consolidation and processing industry is considered “high risk” we are often challenged with the task of helping merchants in the student loan forbearance assistance business source reliable, affordable, gateway solutions and merchant account recommendations.

Debt Pay Pro software

Debt Pay Pro software combines the functionality of a loan consolidation application with CRM and marketing tools. It allows merchants to set payment reminders, see settlement projections, process payments, keep track of customers, record call logs, and perform e-mail marketing all in a single application. It even features dynamic repayment options, which show all the available options for a particular borrower. A large bonus for many of our customers is that it also integrates wonderfully with NMI, which gives them all the added bonuses of a flexible and time-tested payment gateway with multi-merchant account capabilities to support their business.

NMI and multi-merchant accounts

NMI has a great track record of working with businesses of all kinds, and for being reliable, flexible, and fair in their dealing with their customers. That’s why they’re one of our favorite gateways and an approved payment gateway for Debt Pay Pro. Debt Pay allows you to enter all your credit card payments from within the software, then run the payment through NMI – either immediately or on a regular schedule. If there are insufficient funds, NMI is also able to communicate this back to the software, which notifies the customer.

While Tasker Payment Gateways is not affiliated with Debt Pay Pro, we’ve heard so many good things from our customers about the software and how well it integrates with their NMI accounts we decided to simply pass on the good news.

If you’re interested in NMI payment gateways, or would like to find out more about how to integrate a merchant account with Debt Pay Pro, feel free to call us at (207) 772-8737 or contact us here. We’re happy to help!