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NMI, Jigoshop, and WordPress

If you own or manage a website, the chances are that you’ve heard about WordPress at some point. Because WordPress powers approximately 27% of sites on the internet, you might even happen to have a WordPress site of your own. WordPress’s popularity stems from the fact that it is straightforward to design and edit your website on your own. Also, WordPress’s many available features and plugins, like Jigoshop and its ability to connect to a preferred payment gateway for high-risk merchants, NMI.

Plugins can be an especially valuable addition to your site, as they can significantly enhance your visitors’ experience as well as making it easier for you to interact with prospects and customers in various ways. While there are many plugins that can enable e-commerce through WordPress, there are elements you need to be aware of before you choose one. Being extra “in-tune” with the specific features of your plugins is especially true if you want to accept credit cards to sell vape and e-juice or other high-risk products, like cigars, or tactical items on your WordPress site. “Plug-in awareness” is essential because shops that sell vape products, or other regulated items are in what is called a high-risk merchant category. This, in turn, means that some of the options available for most merchants aren’t suited for you.

For high-risk WordPress sites, plugin and gateway choices are essential

For your WordPress e-commerce store, what you need to look for is an e-commerce plugin, a merchant account, and a payment gateway that can all facilitate sales for your type of product. This is where Jigoshop and NMI are particularly helpful when you wish to transform your site to an e-commerce store, as these will enable you to process payments for your high-risk products and services. NMI and Jigoshop come with as many different features as you have ideas. There are plenty of great add-ons that can be purchased to enhance these e-commerce plugins for your online store.

Jigoshop Plugin Usability and Customer Support

As we mentioned earlier, Jigoshop is a great example from the many e-commerce plugins available on WordPress. If you choose to download this plugin, you’ll find lots of standard features that will help you to process payments on your site. Jigoshop will run all of the payments for you while providing detailed reports, helping you to manage your stock, and offering support should any problems arise. This plugin has a lot of great reviews on WordPress, and its users often report that they have had great experiences with their customer support in particular.

However, there is a limit to what types of payments the standard version of Jigoshop can process. It currently includes 4 standard options. While this does mean that many site owner’s customers will be able to make payments from around the world, it is limiting for high-risk merchants. Having the option to accept credit cards through a stable high-risk merchant account using the NMI payment gateway allows you to be accessible to virtually all customers. However, for you to make full use of Jigoshop for your high-risk products, online vape sales, for example, you will need to integrate your plugin with a high-risk friendly payment gateway and a high-risk friendly merchant account (don’t worry, it’s pretty straightforward, just contact us anytime for assistance).

Many different payment gateways work very well for high-risk products and merchants. For example, the Authorize.Net payment gateway is very popular.But, NMI is also great, and it integrates very nicely with Jigoshop NMI is undoubtedly one of the most familiar and most accessible options for many online high-risk merchants. If accepting payments for your high-risk business is something you want to get started on, all you have to do is use our contact form below. We will take the time to get to know you and your business, and then we can quickly get you set up so you can get your online business up and running!

There is an endless sea of plugins available on WordPress that will allow your online store to process credit card payments. Even though choices are abundant overall, the decision depends on what product you’re selling, what requirements your industry has and, ultimately, if you have the right payment gateway and merchant account combination for your e-commerce type. Selecting vendors is where we can help. With years of real-world experience, we can align you with providers that not only allow your business type but appreciate it.

Jigoshop and high-risk merchants

At the time of this article’s publication, Jigoshop has two variations of their WordPress plugin. There is “Jigoshop”, and also the newer “Jigoshop eCommerce”. While the original plugin has over 5000 users, with an impressive user satisfaction rating of 4.5/5, the new plugin has had a bit of a rocky start in terms of merchant satisfaction. This is no surprise, however, as most new plugins have a few bugs at first that need to be ironed out. Currently, the best of the 2 Jigoshop plugins that use NMI as payment gateway is the original version. As we mentioned, the free Jigoshop plugin allows you to immediately accept one of their 4 “out of the box” choices. However, when you’re using it alongside NMI as your payment gateway, you can also accept all major credit and debit cards form a host of high-risk processors.

Jigoshop has a few other great features as well. First of all, when using this platform you won’t need to worry about handling your customers’ credit card information. When the gateway is set up properly, NMI will take care of these details for you in real time. In addition, your customers won’t have to leave your site during the payment process, as is the case for many 3rd party processor’s transactions (when the customer must be redirected to another site in order to pay for goods and services). Instead, your customers can pay with credit cards directly on your high-risk e-commerce site in one smooth interface without any pop-ups, redirects, or confusing extra tabs. NMI will also keep both you and your customers informed with detailed responses and notifications, such as for successful or failed transaction notices.

Start selling high-risk products on WordPress

Whether you’re just getting started with creating your high-risk online shop, or if you’re looking for the right payment gateway, we’d love to help you find the best solution for your business! We want to help you find a merchant account that will improve both your customers’ and your experience. Even though we’ve predominantly talked about vape and e-cigarette e-commerce stores here, we do offer our expertise to many other high-risk category merchants. Please feel free to talk to us about your online premium cigar store, your FFL e-commerce site or any other website you have had a hard time finding credit card processing for.

Let our experience make selling online easier for you

With our years of experience, we can guide you to the merchant accounts and the payment gateways best suited to your needs. After all, Jigoshop and NMI are just examples of the many great plugins and add-ons available for sites hosted on WordPress. While they’re easy to install and most have easy-to-use interfaces and great features, the difficulty often lies in choosing which option is best for your online business and what requirements your industry has in place. So don’t hesitate to use the contact form below to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help get you started!