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Volusion and high-risk payment gateways

Volusion is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there right now for both high-risk merchants like FFL dealers, online cigar websites, online vape/e-cig sales, online alcohol sales and for more traditional online retailers like software companies, clothiers, and general consumer websites. With its ease of use and its connective capabilities, it’s no wonder why. Not only does Volusion, spelled with an “s” in the middle, not Volution with a “t,” have great features like a built-in “deal of the day” feature and a top-tier loyalty program, it also has one of the more cost efficient abandoned cart recovery programs out there.

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From our perspective, one of the most important features of Volusion, if you are a high-risk merchant, is its compatibility with preferred high-risk payment gateways like Authorize.Net (when set up with the right merchant account – contact us for recommendations) ePN, and NMI. Broad compatibility means we can quickly guide you through the setup process and recommend a stable, high-risk friendly credit card processor whenever needed.

One of the benefits of having a payment gateway and merchant account set up by a provider who knows which processors and companies work with which industries is that you get the ability to sell merchandise that is commonly prohibited such as vaporizers or cigars without worrying about getting a dreaded “your account has been terminated” email.  Many merchants who first start looking into e-commerce will shy away from these categories after a little research because they think it’s complicated or expensive to get started, but neither is necessarily true.

Getting started in a high-risk category while using Volusion can be simple and does not need to be expensive. First, we need to match you to the best gateway and merchant account based on your industry, projected volume, and specific concerns; then we can even help you find the best software platform (like Volusion) to enable you to achieve your goals. Certain payment gateways are simply better for specific industries, and to an even greater degree, the back end merchant account they are connected to needs to be chosen and set up correctly. Knowing which to choose for your business is essential, so please contact us for any help or advice you might need moving forward.

Volusion features and benefits for high-risk merchants

Another great feature is how easy it is to get started. Volusion’s website is full of guides and videos to help you setup your e-commerce store the way you want it. You can feel confident that Volusion is going to continue this amount of support because many thousands of other online businesses use it.

Volusion also has competitive “pro” features to up your game without spending all your money and they have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) piece in their software to help you present the best customer service possible. Another great feature from Volusion is their regularly updated blog. Not only do they add fun tips on how to help sell with Volusion but they also include detailed info about how to use their systems to maximum effect and therefore maximize profits. If you are using Volusion and don’t keep up on the Volusion blog, you are missing out on great info that could help propel your sales.

Digging deeper into features

You can setup reviews and other data collecting forms to get insight into your clients’ reactions and improve your presence on the web. In addition to your standard e-commerce toolbox on a web-store like inventory management, shipping and receiving, distribution and purchase order history, and product editing, Volusion gives you advanced features like social media integration and SEO features that can increase your exposure.

In addition to all that, you can also have our payment gateway support anytime! We can guide you through the payment gateway process step by step, even if your industry is deemed high-risk, and ensure you are set up right. Contact us anytime with questions about payment gateways or how we can help you start selling your high-risk products with Volusion.

A quick note on getting started with Volusion if you are an FFL

Volusion does not assist in any way with your FFL license or your compliance with local or federal laws. It is 100% your responsibility to know the laws and legal responsibilities for selling firearms in your state and over state lines.

Again, it is your responsibility and yours alone to know the law and work within it. Do your due diligence and please get qualified legal advice before you set up an online FFL Volusion store. Only after you have gone through the process required to obtain a Federal Firearms License, and have immersed yourself in every rule and regulation, should you set up your Volusion web-store with an FFL friendly merchant account and payment gateway.

Also, you should know that Authorize.Net will allow FFL sales with the proper merchant account as long as it has been set up properly for FFL. Contacting us is a great way to ensure you do this crucial step properly; not setting up your merchant account correctly can cause major problems for you down the road.

For more detailed information on FFL websites, please visit our Firearm sales 101 page.