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How do I find my Processor ID in NMI?

We were recently asked “where do I find my processor ID in NMI?” and realized it is a bit hidden. If you have a full featured, modern CRM like Konnektive and you are entering NMI payment gateway information you may need to enter something called a “Processor ID”. This is because NMI allows you to access multiple merchant accounts through one login. Learn more about NMI here. For steps on accessing your processor ID continue reading below.

Below is an easy way to find your Processor ID in NMI

  • Log into your NMI gateway
  • Go to “Options”
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click on “Settlement Schedule”, you will find to the left of your default batch time. (Don’t adjust the batch time unless you need to)
  • Enter the characters in all lowercase with no spaces

If you have multiple merchant accounts enabled and your reseller enabled NMI’s ATRI load balancing feature then you can also find you NMI Processor ID’s within the load balancing interface.

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