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No reserve vape merchant accounts for WooCommerce

We are very pleased with our continuing ability to help vape or e-juice WooCommerce merchants with a vape compatible gateway like NMI or, when appropriate, Authorize.Net for their WooCommerce site (or a high-risk Shopify vape site). We have been able to recommend easy, “merchant friendly” electronic cigarette e-commerce merchant accounts with no reserve. In the past, when setting up payment gateways and scouting merchant accounts for WooCommerce vape merchants, it was common (if not universal) that the processors we introduced vape and e-juice e-commerce merchants to would insist upon a “reserve”.

Note: A reserve is when a credit card processor keeps a portion of a merchant’s sales (often 10-15%) “in reserve” to protect themselves from chargeback losses, refunds a merchant cannot cover, or even for potential fines. We are proud to leverage our years of experience and industry contacts to help you grow your WooCommmerce vaporizer business without having your cash flow hung up by merchant account reserves. We do this by recommending appropriate merchant processors.

Positive trends for vape processing continues

Although the registration process that began in 2016 is still required by processors, the trend in terms of rates, reserves, and service is on a steep upward slope for electronic cigarette merchants using WooCommerce! In terms of reserves in particular, for many online vape merchants, having 10% or more of their sales held sometimes for 6-12 months created a big cash flow issue. There was a time, for e-cig merchants at least, when this was unavoidable. We have now seen a steady period of at least a few years where it is fairly easy for us to find a no reserve processing recommendation for most online vape merchants – even start-ups.

Another great trend is that the processors who are offering these no reserve accounts all integrate with NMI. This makes the setup process for merchants who use major carts like WooCommerce very simple. Lastly, for merchants up and running already, we have seen many “no reserve processors” willing to beat the rates of their competitors. This competition creates a terrific situation whereby many electronic cigarette merchants not only are able to process without a reserve, but are able to save money on their processing fees as well! Contact us anytime for a vape friendly merchant account recommendation by using the short form at the bottom of this page.

How to integrate a vape friendly NMI payment gateway into WooCommerce

With the WooCommerce NMI plugin by Code Canyon, you can easily connect an NMI gateway and a high-risk friendly merchant account to your WooCommerce site. Once the plugin is installed you should immediately notice the checkout has been connected with NMI’s payment gateway options. No longer will your customers have to redirect to another website to complete their transaction. You can also add custom titles and descriptions to the gateway to keep organized. Another great feature is the ability to issue refunds right from the edit order page.

Obviously no one likes giving out refunds, but it’s even worse when it’s a hassle to get a customer’s money back, possibly hurting your reputation, causing chargebacks, and potentially a merchant account shutdown. That’s why we like easy refund options. You can also choose credit card types based on your merchant account preferences, and the site will automatically display them, letting your customers know whose cards you accept.

Like many credit card plugins, this comes with a test function and sandbox mode. In addition, you can change the transaction to “authorize only” or standard sale transaction type, giving you more control should you want to do a manual fraud review. Another security feature we appreciate is that in addition to the CVV code you can enable NMI’s advanced Fraud Detection Suite. This helps to prevent increased fraud attempts and keeps your site more secure.

The best part of this plugin is that NMI takes care of all the credit card details, and allows us to make custom merchant account recommendations for you based on your needs. You don’t have to worry about getting declined due to being a “prohibited product or service

NMI has a long history of innovative SaaS features

Network Merchants or “NMI” has been around since the early 2000’s and quickly responded to the rampant fraud attacking the e-commerce industry in its infancy. As a result, they have always made efforts to maximize their security and ability to detect fraud.

Over the years NMI has added some other great features. For example, making your administrative features to multiple merchant accounts accessible from one log-in anywhere you have an online connection. Keep your business organized as your grow with powerful multi-tiered hierarchy structure built into the NMI system, organize your product catalogs and employee access, or add sub-affiliates or other business partnerships to promote or market your e-commerce site. These are all very important if you plan on being a vape merchant. You can build a great website quickly and start selling vape products with NMI powering your WooCommerce store.

Not to toot our own horn too loudly, but possibly the best part of all of this is that we are here to help you through the entire process, especially if you are new to selling vape products on WooCommerce. Through one on one assistance, we’ll help you integrate your NMI gateway with a recommended merchant account for your vape business. We’ll guide you through the process to become fully capable of processing credit cards through your WooCommerce e-commerce site. We commonly help people get started in a matter of only a couple days.

Ready to get started selling vaporizers on WooCommerce?

Want a no reserve, low-cost vape friendly payment gateway and merchant account recommendation for your WooCommerce electronic cigarette site? Contact us today!