Big data and ecommerce in 2018

How important is Big Data for small business?

There are many strategies to effectively attract new customers, and managing data is one of them. Everyone is talking about “big data” these days and big data can be important to e-commerce. Important as it may be, it’s certainly no substitute for an efficient and organized site that brings in its own traffic, analyzes it’s own “small data” points, and funnels business to well written, optimized sale pages. “Big Data” is an incredible tool and it has rapidly changed the e-commerce world in the past few years. Alternatively, there is such thing as too much and/or inadequate data as this Kissmetrics article details.

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SSL matters for SEO

HTTPS on every page – especially for vape, cigar, and FFL sites

Selling electronic cigarettes online? You need to implement https (or “SSL”) on every page. Does your website sell cigars, alcohol or firearms and depend on organic search traffic to get customers? Well then yep, you need your site to show https on EVERY page too.

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The Shopify WordPress plugin and high-risk merchants

A powerful e-commerce combo

Did you know, one of the most streamlined, feature rich, high-risk compatible, and most popular shopping cart / hosting solutions can now be integrated with one of the most popular website platforms in the world? That’s correct, Shopify and WordPress work together using Shopify’s plugin for WordPress.

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Signifyd and fraud protection for high-risk merchants

For today’s high-risk e-commerce merchants, fraud is more of a threat than ever. Whether it be the vape site owner who fell victim to a scammer using their site to test stolen cards, the premium cigar merchant who lost thousands on an online order that they themselves thought “might be too good to be true, or the FFL dealer who had malicious firearms orders placed on their website and then charged back, we have heard it all. Recently we received some very positive feedback from clients on an online fraud system called Sygnifyd, so we wanted to pass on some of what we have learned. You can also visit their site directly at

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Software spotlight: LeashTime

Dog sitting software? Who knew? 

From time to time we like to highlight some interesting software as a service (SaaS) companies that we think may interest some of our readers. Although dog sitters are not our primary client base, we are struck that how, in 2017, almost any business type out there has a specific SaaS tailored to their needs that will allow them to organize their business and take payments.

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GMP Certificates, supplement companies, and processing

Why do supplement manufacturers sometimes need a GMP certificate?

The term has been popping up more and more, so we wanted to take a little time to talk about it. When we help a supplement company with a payment gateway, we do one of two things. Either we provide a gateway only account, which means the merchant already has a merchant account and they just need a payment gateway, or we provide a merchant account recommendation as well and then work to seamlessly connect the merchant account with the client’s payment gateway and shopping cart.

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Why now is a great time to sell cigars online

The e-commerce cigar clouds are parting, and the sun is coming out

If you are considering selling tobacco products online in 2018 and beyond, the new leadership at the FDA holds real promise for your business. Among other things, Washington DC’s apparent change in attitude toward premium cigar merchants has made one of our jobs, setting up payment gateways and finding excellent credit card processors for e-commerce cigar merchants, much easier.

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Seo tips and tricks: Fall 2017

Well, it’s that time again; gearing up for the holiday season and all of you e-tailers need to get our SEO in top-notch shape to compete with the big dogs. That’s why we went out of our way to find some great tips for e-commerce SEO so you can be ready to sell to all those eager shoppers.

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Concrete5: Snipcart and high-risk payments

Are you in an industry that has a hard time finding payment processing?

If so, and you are also and looking for an open source content management system (CMS) the word is, Concrete5 is a powerful solution no matter what type of business you are in. MLM, content creation, SaaS folks, and others know that the simple addition of “Snipcart” will unlock the option to accept payments in high-risk markets through Authorize.Net – when paired with the correct merchant account on the back end.  (Here is a link to the Snipcart add-on). Remember, Authorize.Net needs to be paired with, or sold by, a merchant processor that accepts your business type. Contact us using the form below to get specific recomendaitons for your wesite.

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Shopping cart spotlight: Agora Cart

Agora Cart: Affordable and high-risk friendly

A shopping cart with the ability to accept high-risk payments in mind

When it comes to shopping carts for hard to place merchants like FFL dealers, glassware & pipe merchants, or vape websites, there are a million programs out there, but not all of them hold the merchant’s interests at heart. Agora Cart is an open source cart program for your high-risk e-commerce website that has always focused on – and will always focus on – the end user (you).  With reasonable one-time payments for lifetime usage and multiple options for building your web-store, Agora Cart is a powerful asset to any e-commerce business. Their flexibility is especially helpful to businesses in need of diverse payment options due to being considered a “prohibited product or service” by many in the payment gateway and credit card processing industries.

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P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.

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