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Our Inside Guy At Go Daddy Helps Our High Risk And Traditional Clients Set Up Shop

IMPORTANT: Please see our update to this post here or contact us with specific questions

Original post from 2014 below. The newest information can be found here: https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/godaddy-and-high-risk-merchants/

Although Go Daddy websites have long been a popular choice for mainstream online merchants, high-risk businesses, such as the e-cigarette industry, have often found it impossible to merge them with their payment gateways. However, that has changed in recent days with Go Daddy’s decision to support integration with Authorize.net.

By offering access to this high risk and low-risk friendly, (IE vaping friendly, firearms friendly, etc) nearly ubiquitous processing gateway, Go Daddy has opened up new avenues through which these merchants can grow and build their businesses. And one member of their team in particular – David M. Wesley – stands ready to help these customers as our “inside guy” at Go Daddy.

Says David, “When a customer works through me to sign up with GoDaddy, regardless of the merchant type I am the usual point of contact for assistance and business questions. . . I like to work closely with my customers to ensure they are getting the service they need.”

Although as of the writing of this post, Tasker Payment Gateways has no official affiliation with Go Daddy (e.g. we, as of now don’t receive payment or perks for recommending them), our relationship with David makes it fast and easy for e-cig or other high-risk merchants wanting a Go Daddy site to create their storefronts. Dave is happy to walk our merchants through the process of choosing the best products and services for their needs, helping them choose their tools, and providing support for their questions.

Now that Go Daddy both supports the low risk and high-risk friendly gateway Authorize.net and has a team member dedicated to helping our clients set up their shops as quickly and easily as possible, we’re excited to see our customers have yet another option to grow and expand their businesses.

To get connected with David at Go Daddy or for questions about Authorize.net, feel free to contact us below or call us at (207) 772-8737.