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Online gateways & merchant accounts for firearms

Lately, our FFL contacts have been upset and frustrated by what they feel has been a lot of misinformation out there in terms of how online firearms sales work, and how they handle background checks. We have also been receiving calls from online firearms dealers who have been shut down by their credit card processors, they feel, unfairly. Luckily we have tons of industry knowledge and a vast array of contacts, therefore, we are able to recommend merchant account solutions and FFL friendly payment gateways that can help reputable, honest FFL’s (who ship to other FFL’s that perform all required background checks), get up and running right away.

Why we know FFLs

In our day to day, we help online firearms retailers get set up with appropriate firearms friendly payment gateways and we recommend them to reputable, established merchant account providers that want, and appreciate their business.  Because of the amount of interaction we have with FFL dealers, we are pretty familiar with the process, more on that below.

How online merchants accept credit cards for firearms

Any merchant looking to sell firearms online nationwide must first obtain a Federal Firearms Licence, otherwise, they would never be approved by a reputable credit card processor, anywhere in America. Then, when a customer purchases a firearm over the Internet from one of these FFLs, (short for federal firearms license holder) that customer must go to a different FFL dealer (locally usually) to pick up the actual firearm. Firearms are not shipped to the customer’s home (unless that customer is also an FFL working from home of course!) When the customer shows up at their local FFL to pick up their order they absolutely must go through a federal background check or the local FFL will not release the weapon. Reputable online gun dealers only ship to other, licensed gun dealers.

Looking for a firearms friendly payment gateway or merchant account advice?