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When your ads are prohibited by major search engines

This recent headline says it all Google To Ban Payday Loan Advertisements and unfortunately for many high-risk businesses, payday loans are not alone in that unwanted distinction.

Don’t despair if that popular search engine has banned all ads pertaining to your product, find other ways to get found.

Payday loans are a recent addition to the list of industries with its ads banned from Google. If you are a high-risk e-commerce merchant and you are prohibited from doing pay per click ads, we hear your frustration loud and clear. Online sales are ever growing and will not stop. But how will customers find you? – Organic search engine results, referrals, traditional advertising, and social media, that’s how!

For PPC banned industries it is important to research the steps you need to take to be found online – without pay per click advertising from a major search engine.  It is never too late to learn about white hat SEO techniques and alternative marketing for your industry, read every marketing white paper and search engine blog you can, join a message board community in your industry, or contact us for help in climbing to the search engine summit. If you are a WordPress user we recommend a comprehensive SEO plugin like Yoast

If you are in a high-risk industry and need help with a payment gateway solution or chargeback mitigation in addition to marketing please call or contact us anytime for some free friendly advice.