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Need a Shopify Payments alternative? Here’s what to do –

If Shopify Payments turned you down or shut you off because your products violate their terms and conditions, we’ve got you covered. This guide will show you how to set up an alternative payment gateway that works seamlessly with your existing Shopify website.

Whether you’re selling water pipes, grinders, glass products, CBD, premium cigars, tactical gear, survival items, alcohol, or even handling FFL-to-FFL transactions, you can still accept credit card payments seamlessly using the native Shopify checkout. The key is to set up a stable, Shopify-compatible high-risk payment gateway and connect it to a suitable high-risk merchant account on the back end.

Contact Tasker Payment Gateways LLC to get started, or keep reading below to learn more. 

Shopify and high-risk credit card processing

Why do some websites have a hard time with Shopify Payments?

There are many reasons why your e-commerce store might not fit the standard allowed merchant categories at Shopify Payments. Some merchant types naturally should be restricted due to being illegal or highly dubious. However, Shopify Payments restricts many legal, legitimate product types.

Some products or services are refused or, worse yet, shut down after integration because they require Visa and MasterCard registration, have a higher risk of chargebacks, or simply are not a good fit. Many website owners may even encounter difficulties simply because Shopify Payments, which is “Powered by Stripe,” does not have loss prevention experience with similar merchants to judge their risk profile.

Selling regulated items on Shopify – compliance matters

When you’re selling regulated or restricted products online, it’s crucial to stay in compliance with payment processing rules and regulations. At Tasker Payment Gateways LLC, our dedicated independent agents and processors will guide you through the steps to set up stable Shopify credit card processing.

* Remember, consulting with a qualified attorney is essential to ensure you’re meeting all legal requirements before launching your e-commerce business.

The importance of knowing the rules up front

Different high-risk products, like CBD, premium cigars, or tactical gear, come with their own set of federal, state, and local regulations. For instance, premium cigar websites must register with Visa and MasterCard, and CBD products and seeds must align with the 2018 Farm Bill and any additional state-specific rules. Similarly, selling self-defense items requires strict adherence to all Federal, State, and local laws.

Staying compliant means keeping up with these regulations and implementing necessary measures to meet legal standards. This could involve obtaining the age verification upon delivery, correct licenses, maintaining accurate records, and following shipping laws for restricted products. Failure to do so can result in severe consequences, including fines, legal action, and the suspension of your payment processing capabilities.

Contact us any time to learn more about Shopify credit card processing for regulated websites.

Use a back-end processor familiar with your industry

One of the benefits of working with Tasker Payment Gateways LLC is access to qualified independent agents who are well-versed in the compliance requirements for high-risk products. Our partners understand the regulatory landscape and can help you navigate the complexities of maintaining merchant account compliance while processing credit card payments.

While we provide valuable insights into high-risk payment processing, remember that we do not offer legal advice. It’s essential to consult with a qualified attorney to fully understand and comply with all legal requirements for your specific business.

Selling regulated products like CBD or tobacco on Shopify

Some products, like CBD, alcoholtactical items, premium cigars, and some nutritional supplements that Shopify Payments considers pseudo-pharmaceuticals, require you to set up a payment gateway specifically approved for your products and connect it – correctly to avoid a shutdown – to a Shopify-friendly payment gateway like Authorize.Net. Read more on our dedicated Authorize.Net high-risk payments page.

Like you and your business, payment processors need to take extra care to follow rules and regulations when operating in legally complex markets. Our partners know which back-end providers have experience in your product line. This is what makes our solutions good for the long haul.

Declined by Shopify Payments Here's why, & what to do – Tasker Payment Gateway quote image

Ethical skincare products, health supplements, and Shopify

Shopify Payments restricts what they call pseudo-pharmaceuticals in order to target fake medicines and supplements with claims they cannot substantiate.

But what about those who sell traditional herbal supplements with honest, straightforward descriptions? What about people selling herbal bug repellant or makeup that reduces the appearance of aging? What about over-the-counter skin, eye, or hair products that follow FDA monographs? What about safe weight-lifting supplements manufactured in a GMP facility or established homeopathic remedies?

Many types of alternative products that aren’t fraudulent could potentially, although not always, get caught in the crosshairs of Shopify Payments’ prohibited category policy. This is why, for nearly 20 years, people have turned to us to set up high-risk-friendly Authorize.Net accounts.

Recurring billing on Shopify: ReCharge, Recurly, and Authorize.Net

Many high-risk Shopify businesses, like those selling premium cigars, subscribe-and-save supplements, or CBD, want the ability to automatically bill clients each month for subscription programs or “box of the month” memberships.

Our trusted partners can set up your Shopify site with a high-risk-friendly Authorize.Net payment gateway and a merchant account that integrates seamlessly and easily with Shopify’s most commonly used recurring billing apps, ReCharge and Recurly.

Contact us at any time to get started with a high-risk, automated recurring billing program that works with your Shopify site and ReCharge or Recurly. You can also read more about recharge on the Shopify app store website.

Turned down by Shopify Payments and in need of a payment gateway?

Need help or even just some expert advice? Please use the form near the bottom of this page. Our trusted partners’ experience and one-on-one support will help you accept credit cards on Shopify even if you have already been turned down by Shopify Payments, PayPal, Square, or Stripe.

We have helped hundreds of high-risk Shopify merchants benefit from the world-class site-building features of Shopify. Once you are set up, our trusted partners will even help you integrate your high-risk-friendly payment gateway into your Shopify store; it’s as simple as entering some credentials into your Shopify dashboard.

Since 2002, we have helped high-risk site owners accept credit cards

We are A+ rated and BBB accredited, with years of experience and many long-lasting relationships in high-risk payment processing. Our recommended solutions take the time to understand what your business does and can help set you up with a payment processor and a merchant account alternative for Shopify that works for you. Read more bout us and what we do here. 

We love Shopify and recommend them all the time, even for merchants who are not ideal fits for Shopify Payments. Why? Because Shopify’s service and site builder are still terrific products. High-risk” businesses just need assistance accepting credit cards on Shopify, and we can help.

High-risk friendly alternatives to Shopify Payments

If you are among the businesses blocked from using the standard Shopify Payments gateway, we can help. While frustration might tempt you to start all over with a new e-commerce platform, we can help you find a suitable solution while still using your existing Shopify website.

Our dedicated independent agents and providers are very familiar with highly regulated e-commerce markets and can help almost any legitimate US-based business navigate the complexities.

Businesses that are within Shopify Payments’ rules and guidelines generally find that Shopify Payments is a fantastic solution. However, for Shopify websites that don’t clearly meet the rules and regulations, you are likely better off working with someone who can take the time to understand your business and make 100% sure that the payment gateway/merchant account combo is set up to be stable and reliable.

We recognize that many merchants are looking for easy solutions to credit card processing challenges. We have helped many Shopify merchants continue to utilize its great features and still charge credit cards for their products. Reach out any time. We’d love to help you accept credit cards on Shopify.

Need help accepting credit cards on Shopify?