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X-Cart payment gateways for glass and pipe sites: a high-risk spotlight –

Right now is an exciting time for entrepreneurs who sell pipes, glassware, and smoking paraphernalia online. Business is booming! One challenge pipe site owners find though is the ability to accept credit cards is not always a simple process. In this post, we discuss X-Cart, and how we help pipe site owners with glassware friendly payment gateways and merchant account recommendations that work for their X-Cart website.

X-Cart payment gateway and merchant account recommendations at no cost to site owners

We specialize in recommending high-risk payment gateways and merchant accounts that suit the needs of smoking accessory businesses. We do this at no cost or obligation to you, as we receive an incentive from the service providers for finding great clients like you. Glassware and pipes have a bit of regulation around them, but we have so much experience with businesses like yours that we can help you find a solid, affordable solution and help you put all the pieces together so you can start accepting credit card right away.

Simple can be better

It’s often easier to get a good deal on processing if you don’t try to sell multiple “high-risk products” on the same site or with the same merchant account. We often find that clients want to sell vape products and paraphernalia on the same website, which makes sense. Unfortunately, many banks aren’t enormously keen on that idea, and it is more difficult to find low-cost payment gateways and merchant accounts that will allow such a mix of product categories. If you sell multiple high-risk products, the best thing to do is contact us so we can put together a quick, free, “next-steps- payment gateway” plan for you.

Payment gateways integrations X-Cart

Two of our favorite payment gateways, NMI and Authorize.Net, can be easily set-up on X-Cart – if you have someone like us ensure that the processing on the back-end is also glassware friendly. Both NMI and Authorize.Net have their unique advantages, and although AuthNet is directly supported by X-Cart, NMI might be a better choice for some glassware and pipe sites.

NMI and X-Cart

NMI has a multi-merchant support feature, which is unique. Using one admin account, an NMI client can review and analyze all of their connected accounts, making managing money easier. You can read more about this feature here.

In order to connect to NMI, we must us a gateway emulator, which essentially just means we change one line of code which references where the payment gateway addresses the transaction. This is an easy-to-do procedure, and shouldn’t make anyone shy away from using NMI on X-Cart, we can even help guide you through the process step by step to ensure you’re connected quickly, easily, and stress-free. One thing we should point out though, you cannot use the NMI customer data vault or NMI recurring billing features with X-Cart. This limitation is solely due to the need for an emulator.

Authorize.Net and X-Cart

For many glass and pipe site owners, the “native” integration of Authorize.Net with X-Cart makes it the best payment gateway choice, again when the merchant processing is set up correctly on the back end.

When integrated properly, Authorize.Net allows for recurring billing. Can you say “Pipe of the month club? The native integration also allows for the safe storage of customer billing information via the AuthNet Customer Information Manager. You can read more about Authorize.Net and high-risk products here. 

Ready to start taking credit cards on your X-Cart glassware site? Let us help