Common prohibited use or high-risk online products and services

If you are in a high-risk, or regulated industry highlighted on this page, you likely have struggled with even the most basic components of an e-commerce website – the ability to obtain a payment gateway and merchant account, accept payments, and market your products or service.

Website owners that offer the legal products and services listed below are often listed as a “prohibited use” by the largest online payment gateways and merchant accounts.

Expert payment gateway advice and high-risk merchant account recommendations

Our dedicated agents provide easy to implement alternative payment gateway solutions and one on one support to American and Candian businesses. They will help you generate the gateway credentials required and assist you in integrating your payment gateway into the e-commerce platform of your choice.

We will assign you a real human as a dedicated contact, help you with any paperwork or information the processors may require, and continue to assist you long after approval and set up.

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We have decades of experience in the high-risk business and have a firm grasp of which software providers, payment gateways, affiliate payout vendors, and, through our many vetted industry contacts, which merchant accounts and credit card processors are the best fit for you.

Give us details on your business via our contact us form and let us provide some one-on-one information at no obligation. We are not attorneys and do not offer legal guidance, but we can help you accept credit cards for your lawful, high-risk business and provide friendly advice on a host of high-risk e-commerce topics.

We provide payment gateway solutions for:

Affiliate, IBO, downline, MLM payouts – USA only

Auto-ship products, subscription programs, clubs

Auto bill programs: alarm companies, pest control, fitness clubs, online training programs

Automobile parts and accessories, new or used, online scrap yard, tires, and rims

Alcohol, online wine beer or liquor sales – beer, spirits, or wine of the month clubs bases in the USA

Adult websites: continuity and straight sale

Adult toys and dolls located in the USA

Botanicals – legal, non-mood altering plant-based supplements, tinctures, oils, lotions, and powders

CBD oil, CBD products

CBD associations and directories

Canadian CBD online and retail

Canadian dispensaries – provincial or First Nations Reserves, recreational retail shops or medicinal MMJ clinics 

Canadian head shops – e-commerce or retail

Cigars, online cigar clubs

Credit monitoring subscription programs: continuity, and straight-sale

Credit repair, credit coaching

Coaching: personal, business, internet marketing

Collection agencies, large agency or at home

Dating sites (online dating, membership sites, coaching, or clubs)

Debt consolidation programs, student loan consolidation programs

Detox and cleanse products: continuity and straight sale

Dispensaries – Canada

Document preparation and application assistance for immigration visas, student loans, etc.

Electronic cigarettes /e-juice with nicotine in the US and Canada

Fantasy sports leagues with cash payouts (limited options, must be established and well funded)

FFL to FFL gun sales, USA-based online FFLs, drop shipped firearms, ammunition

Fortune telling, psychic readings, clairvoyance, astrology

Free trial offers: startups preferred- must be legal, and ethical. Supplements, skincare, software

Glassware, pipes, smoking accessories, online and retail head shops, paraphernalia in the USA and Canada

Gentlemen’s clubs, lady’s clubs

Health clubs, automated recurring billing by ACH, and credit card

Headshop sites

Hemp oil (0.03% or less)

Homeopathic products

Internet marketing lead generation, traffic programs

Knives, swords – legal online sales to appropriate jurisdictions within the United States

Magazine Subscriptions, promotional marketing

Make money from home programs /biz-ops / business opportunity products: straight sale, recurring, or trial

Male enhancement supplements: straight sale, recurring, or trial

MLM / multi-level marketing companies

MMJ support and MMJ supply merchants. MMJ packaging, stash boxes, grinders

Marijuana trade associations and directories

Muscle enhancement testosterone support supplements: straight sale or recurring – no “research chemicals” or prescription drugs

No2 nitric oxide supplements: straight sale or recurring

Nootropics, brain supplements. Supplements must be legal; volume requirements and restrictions may apply: straight sale or recurring

Nutra / Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, vitamins DR / direct response merchants

Online loose tobacco and cigar sales, cigar of the month clubs

Pawnshops, online pawn e-commerce pawn, and second-hand sites

Pepper spray, legal online sales of pepper spray, capsaicin sprays, etc

Personal or business coaching seminars, online training, recurring billing

Prepaid phone cards, international calling cards, family to inmate calling programs

Prepaid debit card affiliate payout programs

Pseudo pharmaceuticals: If legal and claims are appropriate- for example, a weightlifting supplement manufactured with a GMP certificate or similar

Self-help courses, online courses, motivational seminars, or MLM event ticket sales: straight sale, recurring, or trial

SEO consulting, recurring billing, web and software design, web marketing

Sex toys and adult dolls

Skincare creams and serums

Software, SaaS: trials, straight sales, and continuity

Surveillance, electronics, PI, and “spy” gear

Tactical and survival websites based in the States

Tax negotiating and property-tax assessment dispute services

Teeth whitening: continuity or straight sale

Tobacco, loose tobacco, or cigars sold online

Trial offers- for software and some physical products

Travel packages, tours, agencies

Vape accessories, e-juice, mods, pens electronic cigarettes, nicotine products, vitamin vaporizers

Weapons both non-lethal and FFL – USA sites only

Web hosting, annual payments, monthly recurring

Weight loss products and supplements: straight sale, or recurring

Workout Supplements, excluding SARMs, peptides. Supplements must be legal where sold and with GMP certificate- recurring OK.

Contact us anytime for specific advice on your business

Contact us anytime, even with general questions; we are always happy to help a fellow e-commerce warrior regardless of whether or not they are a current client or prospect. The list above is in not necessarily in any particular order because many of these industries can go by many different names.

This list may not remain perfectly accurate and may change at any time without notice; it is intended as general information only. The regulatory status of the items above may change at any time. You should consult a qualified attorney before pursuing any endeavor, especially one that markets highly regulated products.

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