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AB testing, Data marketing, Abandoned carts, and SEO

Weekly e-commerce tips

AB testing tools

This week we’re going to start off with something that not only high-risk merchants should do, but that every website should be doing from time to time, AB testing! This list has some great AB testing tools for you to choose from, allowing you to use the right tool for your type of website.

Data-based marketing

Are you one of the many e-commerce stores that collect’s data from your customers? This article gives you some great ways to use that data to market effectively and with a positive ROI.

Cart abandonment

Next up we have the ever-present issue for the e-commerce store, abandoned carts Get those potential customers to re-engage those carts with these tips and set your site up to have fewer carts abandoned in the first place!

SEO updates

Lastly, SEO is always evolving, are you keeping up? Here are the latest changes in the SEO scene you should be aware of!