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WHMCS Features and Payment Gateways

Tired of data entry repetition?

If you are a web professional you know that e-commerce clients can have multiple domains and complex billing plans you need to implement without it taking your time away from what you do best. Why not simplify your e-commerce life by using WHMCS, which can automate your client management, recurring billing, support and provide payment gateway options that work for your web or hosting business? WHMCS can take your online business to the next level, by giving you more time to focus on bigger issues, and allow your website to do a lot of the routine work.

Make recurring billing a breeze

Do you spend too much time creating invoices, monthly billings, and reminding clients to pay them? Thankfully WHMCS can take that hassle right out of your hands. To make things even better, WHMCS is compatible with many of top payment gateways like as Authorize.Net, and NMI, making the process of connecting you to a suitable merchant processing solution very easy. Contact us anytime for recommendations.

WHMCS works with multiple currencies and can send single time or recurring billing, and it also provides you with professional invoice creation tool and tax support. You can also integrate multiple payment processors if needed, putting compatibility at its maximum potential. Automated reminders, late fees, and a ticket billing system simplify the most mundane tasks in the e-commerce world.

Set It & Almost Forget It

It’s never a good idea to go completely hands-free on a billing system, one should always check on these things from time to time. You will have to remind yourself of this when using WHMCS, because you can automate virtually everything on the backend of your site. Starting with billing and including everything to password changes, WHMCS has powerful automation functions, such as automated suspension for overdue accounts, automated upgrades for clients who need more services, and so many more options.

Remember this bit of important advice, you can automate billing, but you cannot always automate the end of a billing cycle. If a client calls you to cancel your monthly services and you do not take them out of the recurring billing system you are opening yourself up to chargebacks and bad reviews. Nothing is truly set and forget.

Keep It Secure, Keep It Safe

WHMCS is loaded with features to keep your e-commerce sites safe. With integrated fraud checking including a fraud risk scoring system and the option of automated phone calls to confirm client legitimacy, you can be at ease. Add on top of that using one of our partner payment gateways like Authorize.Net, or NMI, which means you will be doubly protected from things like chargebacks and fraud. Additionally, WHMCS is good at staying up to date on web security, patching systems immediately upon being alerted of a new vulnerability.

 If you are in the business of hosting e-commerce websites, particularly those that are in high-risk merchant fields, WHMCS has all the bells and whistles, including easy setup, mobile optimization, customization, and analytical tools.

Friendly Advice for all Merchant Types

If you host prohibited merchant category sites like vaping, pipe and glassware, FFL, or MMJ supplies we can help. If your clients are looking for some payment acceptance advice or recommendations for their legal, yet high-risk businesses, even if you have been told they are a prohibited category, please drop us a line. We have an extensive network of industry contacts and are always happy to help source the best vendors, gateways, and processors regardless of the industry your clients are in. Check out our just for developers page for more info.