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Authorize.Net for high-risk Shopify stores

If you are a new high-risk merchant with questions about integrating your Shopify web page with Authorize.Net, we can explain everything to you in easy to understand terms. Use our contact us form; we probably have the answers you’re looking for. * Please check out our Shopify AuthorizeNet compatibility updates page  for the most current information

Choosing a high-risk gateway for your Shopify website

There are a lot of options out there and many companies to work with, and it can be very confusing. Many in high-risk industries such as those selling tactical items, FFL sales, or premium cigars will turn to Authorize.Net—often referred to as Auth.Net. They do this because it is one of the most reliable, easily integrated and familiar names for low-cost payment gateways. There are also alternative payment gateways such as NMI which had become popular with our clients in many niches or “high risk” industries such as the burgeoning electronic cigarette business and ePN which is popular among online FFL dealers. But, due to changes at Shopify, Authorize.Net is, in practice, the only high-risk payment gateway option left for merchants selling on the Shopify platform.

Working with a payment gateway reseller who has access to, and familiarity with, many different payment gateways and who can make sure your payment gateway is connected to a high-risk merchant account appropriate for your industry can be more constructive than working with a reseller with a one size fits all approach. The team at Tasker Payment Gateways LLC can provide comparisons and help find you the best fit in a payment gateway.

Authorize.Net is a reliable payment gateway that works exceptionally well for a variety of businesses and is compatible with Shopify. Along with a merchant account, It allows your business to accept credit card payments online.

There are three kinds of fees you typically see with a payment gateway. Set up fees, monthly fees, and lastly transaction-based fees. Our partners’ Authorize.Net merchant account gateway combos often come with no setup fees. As a low-cost reseller, we have existing referral relationships with the gateway providers and know all the major credit card processors; we are therefore often able to obtain deals that are not readily available to individuals opening a single account.

When customers see the Authorize.Net logo on your website, they’ll feel a sense of comfort in knowing their credit information is secure. You can also rely on us as your friendly reseller to answer any questions that come up down the road. Tasker Payment Gateways will aid you in determining what the best option for you and your business will be and offer one on one dedicated agent support throughout the setup process.

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