Foxy Cart, FFLs and payment gateways: an industry spotlight

What is Foxy Cart, and why would an FFL use it?

Before we discuss FFL dealers and our 2A friendly payment gateway options for we should make sure we explain exactly what Foxy Cart ( is. Foxy is essentially an advanced e-commerce cart that works with existing site structures- WordPress, for example.

Foxy Cart is meant for those site owners who want a better, more secure and flexible checkout experience for their shoppers. It’s not an all in one platform or solution, and we would recommend it for those who are comfortable with a more complicated, custom website shopping cart solution for maximum performance, efficiency, and security.

An FFL dealer may choose if they were looking for a full-featured premium cart to integrate into a new or existing e-commerce store. You can read more about Foxy Cart and high-risk here.

FFL merchants on

If you have a sturdy website and are looking to add or upgrade your FFL e-commerce shopping cart, may be a great option. Following their terms of service only prohibits high-risk products where local law doesn’t allow it. Meaning as long as you have a proper merchant account and payment gateway setup for FFL sales and transfers, and you don’t sell to anyone where they are prohibited, like Australia. USA to USA FFL transfers and purchases are a good fit for the platform.

Foxy has some great features that FFL dealers will readily take advantage of, such as drop shipping inventory in addition to your own. Now instead of having a vast inventory to store somewhere, you can utilize national distributors and list their products on your web-store. All you’re doing is making the sale and taking payment; you don’t have to handle the product at all, creating a perfect channel for income.

Another great feature is the sophisticated tax accounting. There’s no need to fuss around with trying to figure out the right taxes for the right state; it’s already done for you. There are options to configure the taxes for multiple regions properly.

You can also have customers make accounts or check out as guests, which is a useful tool for recurring shoppers. Foxy also simplifies something every e-commerce merchant thinks about, PCI compliance. Foxy is a level 1 PCI-DSS service provider, which essentially means they have a very high volume of transactions, expertise, and PCI validations. For this reason, they go out of their way to use stable and secure technologies.

FFL solutions with Foxy

One of the best features of Foxy is its ability to integrate with many web builder platforms like WordPress. Due to its open-source nature, when paired with a platform like WordPress, you can open up a number of new possibilities for Foxy. For example, it should be possible to find an existing or to write (or have a coder write) an extension that searches for the closest FFL dealer location to your customer, giving them an easier time of picking up their merchandise. .

Another important feature you will want to install into Foxy is an age and ID verification system, so you can make sure to identify your customer and their eligibility for your products. This is critical for your legal responsibilities and liabilities. The FFL industry is full of red tape and legalities; it is crucial you understand them before opening an FFL store. Learn more about our accepting payments as an online FFL here. 

Foxy FFL payment gateway options

Fortunately for our clients, we can setup FFL dealers using on either NMI or Authorize.Net, which are two of our preferred payment gateways. The features vary slightly, but either is a solid choice for an FFL dealer.

NMI for FFLs on Foxy Cart

NMI is an excellent choice for merchants who have several high-risk merchant accounts. NMI allows you to manage multiple accounts from one interface, giving you greater control and easier access to your business finances. By using the multi-merchant account routing feature you not only save time and hassle signing in and out of multiple accounts, but you also get a more cohesive look at your business finances allowing you to analyze and account faster and more accurately.

NMI has a lot more functionality for merchants, like creating invoices and billing that link the payer to a secure payment site and also automatically recurring billing for monthly clients or residuals. NMI also has built-in Quickbooks tools and will store your customer’s information securely, making it easier for them to shop with you in the future.

Authorize.Net for FFLs on Foxy Cart

Authorize.Net is the other choice for our high-risk clients to accept credit card payments on their Foxy e-commerce store. AuthNet has a lot of great features and functionality, including storing client data, invoicing, and recurring billing. AuthNet doesn’t have the same multi-merchant functionality though, so if you run multiple e-shops, NMI might be a better fit. As for reliability, security, and fraud detection, both gateways are great solutions. Either way, your FFL web store is going to have a great payment gateway backing it up.

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