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Smoking accessories; WooCommerce high-risk payments for pipe & glassware –

Smoking accessories, water pipes, and glassware are a growing industry in the United States. You’d think finding a payment gateway that allows you to accept credit and debit cards for pipes and glass wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Unfortunately, without the right advice, it’s no walk in the park.

At Tasker Payment Gateways LLC, we offer free, no-obligation high-risk payment gateway recommendations for a wide range of high-risk business types – including merchant account recommendations for smoking accessory sites.

In addition to finding a payment gateway, pipe sites sometimes struggle with choosing the best site builder. This is why we want to share a perfect solution with you right now: WooCommerce for high-risk pipe and glassware e-commerce.

Our experience with WooCommerce for high-risk merchants

WooCommerce is an e-commerce software solution we often recommend to a variety of high-risk businesses. This is because they are exceptionally well suited for high-risk e-commerce sites selling FFL to FFL, vape and e-juice, or premium cigars, for example.

Our clients have found that WooCommerce is not only easy to install; it’s also straightforward to use once it’s up and running.

Get your high-risk payment gateway and processing in place

It can be challenging for new high-risk merchants to get all the payment cogs moving in the right direction the first time around. This is no fault of WooCommerce’s, however. It’s merely the fact that high-risk merchants, like pipe and glassware site owners, need to integrate specialized high-risk payment gateways – with high-risk processing integrated on the back end.

Once you have the processing infrastructure in place and integrate it correctly with WooCommerce, you’ll be up and running. You’ll find WooCommerce to be an accommodating and flexible e-commerce solution for your pipe & glassware website.

It might sound like a little complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. At Tasker Payment Gateways LLC, we’ve helped thousands of high-risk merchants over the years. We’re very familiar with what you need and how to set everything up in the least complicated and most straightforward way. Contact us today  – we would love to chat with you about your pipe and glassware business’ needs.

What makes WooCommerce excellent for pipe & glassware merchants

There are a few key elements that make WooCommerce a perfect choice for pipe and glassware merchants. First, it’s an open-source e-commerce software. Second, it fully integrates with two of our top-rated high-risk payment gateways. Third, it’s low cost and high performance. This is a winning combination for any high-risk business.

However, the fact that it’s open-source might be the deciding factor that makes WooCommerce the choice for pipe and glassware e-commerce merchants.

Let’s quickly discuss a couple of these in detail:

WooCommerce is “open-source?” -what does that mean?

Open-source software means the copyright holder of the software allows users the right to change the software if they like, write their own code for it, and use it in any way they see fit.

Being open-source means that WooCommerce has less perceived liability than other e-commerce solutions – like Shopify or Wix. Consequently, WooCommerce doesn’t actually have (strictly speaking) a clear “prohibited business list.” They don’t need one.

In place of a prohibited business list, what they have is a Terms and Conditions document. In terms of operating and running your e-commerce site, the main obstacles you’ll need to deal with aren’t tied to WooCommerce. It’s more about finding the right payment gateway, shipping regulations, and back-end processing setup.

You also need to adhere to any relevant, applicable laws (federal, state, and local). If you are selling any regulated product, you should seek the advice of a qualified lawyer.

WooCommerce’s open-source solution opens doors for your business.

WooCommerce integrates excellently with Authorize.Net & NMI

Simple and straightforward options for integrating with high-risk friendly payment gateways are always great news for pipe and glassware merchants.

As a high-risk merchant, this gives you a leg up, as it makes it a lot easier to seamlessly accept online payments for your products.

Authorize.Net is among our most regularly recommended high-risk payment gateways – when set up correctly on the back end – and that goes for pipe & glassware merchants too. WooCommerce makes it easy for us to make use of this granddaddy of all payment gateways without sloppy workarounds.

NMI offers truly unique payment gateway features, and we often recommend them for a wide range of high-risk businesses. NMI’s multi-merchant account capability is a feature you can get a lot out of as a pipe and glassware merchant, especially if you sell a range of products with different risk levels.

Accept payments for smoking accessories, pipes, and glassware with WooCommerce

Now is a great time to enter the smoking accessories, water pipe, and glassware e-commerce market. With Tasker Payment Gateways LLC and WooCommerce, you can do it with confidence.

You’ll be able to use the very user-friendly WordPress CMS (content management system) to run your site. You can connect with a cost-effective, stable, high-risk friendly payment gateway. As long as you set it up correctly, you’ll be able to successfully sell your products online – for the long haul.

Contact us for help setting up your pipe and glassware payment gateway and processing. We’ve been helping high-risk merchants set up their back-end payment processing since 2002, and we offer free advice and no-obligation assistance.

Fill out the short form below, and we’ll get to work as soon as possible!