How to issue a customer refund within NMI

So, you have your Network Merchants Inc (NMI) payment gateway set up within your shopping cart and the sales just started coming in. Great right?

What if you need to issue a refund (or partial credit)?

It doesn’t happen often — hopefully — but it does happen from time to time, and you need to know what to do when it does.

NMI refund. - Tasker Payment Gateway quote image

Three Easy Steps to issue a refund using the NMI payment gateway.

First of all, log-in to your NMI gateway account with the username you were given and the password you created.

Secondly, in the Main Menu on the left of the page, choose Refund under the heading ‘Credit Card’. A new screen will appear where you can enter the Transaction ID and the amount to be refunded. If you don’t know the transaction number, it’s easy to find; just use the handy magnifying glass to the right of the Transaction ID field and you’ll be taken to a new screen. On that screen, under ‘Search Transactions’ you have numerous options to search by name, date, amount email address, etc. Once you find the Transaction you’re looking for, copy the Transaction ID to enter in the refund and you’ll be all set!

Lastly, you can choose to “Send a Receipt Email”; and when you click Refund, it will be on the way to your customer. You should generally allow two business days for the refund to navigate the banking system and hit your customer’s bank account.

It’s really that simple.

We highly recommend you let your customer know it could be several days, so they don’t look for their funds the next day and wonder if they are going to ever see it! The customers bank or issuing bank as it’s called needs to post it to your mutual customers’ account after you issue the refund on your end, and this is can cause delays.

Please let us know if you have further questions; we work specialize in helping high-risk market’s like e-cigs/vaping, coaching, trials, recurring billing etc, and would be glad to help any way we can. Simply use the contact us page or fill out the contact form below.