Maximize with Shopgate: A high-risk software spotlight

Make customer retention easier, even if you are high-risk

Just because your website markets a “quote-unquote” high-risk product like electronic cigarettes, cigars, or FFL to FFL sales, it does not mean that acquiring new customers isn’t only half the revenue battle – just like it is for your low-risk e-commerce counterparts. For most e-commerce businesses, regardless of the industry, the other half is making sure your customers buy from you again and again. “Keeping them coming back” is also called customer retention, recurring revenue, or customer “stickiness,” and if you sell a consumable like e-liquids, premium cigars, or ammunition, you know how vital repeat business is.

Our clients are talking about Shopgate, and we want to pass that on

We deal with high-risk merchants every day, and not only do they learn from us, whether it be the high-risk specific features of a particular payment gateway, a credit card processor recommendation, or a cash flow funding solution – but we also learn from them. Lately, we have heard from clients that there is a terrific e-commerce SaaS out there called Shopgate.

Shopgate is a powerful mobile app and website generator that you can use for your e-commerce web-store to assist with not only customer acquisition but also retention. Have you ever thought of giving loyal customers the option of a mobile-optimized app that seamlessly works with your high-risk website? The mobile e-commerce market has been growing year over year, and mobile “friendly” might not be enough anymore. It’s time to make a move onto the mobile devices, and Shopgate can efficiently assist.

Shopgate is also easily compatible with high-risk e-commerce businesses as it comes with native support for Authorize.Net, and it appears as though it is also easily integrated with our other favorite payment gateways, NMI and eProcessing Network via emulators. (Important note, Authorize.Net must be carefully set-up so that the back end processor works with your product type. Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page for a one on one, custom recommendation.)

Sell high-risk products with Shopgate and Authorize.Net or NMI

Now high-risk e-commerce retailers, like you, can have a great mobile app without paying a small fortune for it.  This could have a massive impact on your business. Reach out to a more significant percentage of loyal mobile shoppers and have them download your app, so your products are just a few clicks away. Premium cigar dealers, e-juice and vape products, even FFL dealers and other highly regulated products can utilize this service to increase their reach and retention level.

As mentioned, Shopgate comes with built-in support for Authorize.Net, one of our preferred payment gateways. When correctly set up with a high-risk processor all you need is the API login and transaction key credentials, and you’ll be good to go. We can help you by recommending a processor that fits your business needs. Additionally, if Authorize.Net isn’t the right fit, we can help you get connected with one of our other preferred payment gateways, NMI. It’s a very straightforward process to setup NMI, and we can help guide you through it step by step to get what you need quickly and painlessly.

The primary advantage of having a tested, secure high-risk processor and payment gateway is that you will be able to begin or continue selling high-risk products on your mobile app without the heightened risk of having your account shut down for being a prohibited category. We try to make this process as easy and painless as possible and will walk you through it step by step, even recommending, and helping you integrate a proper merchant account into your payment gateway and the Shopgate system.

Easily Integrate BigCommerce with Shopgate

In addition to high-risk payment gateway compatibility, Shopegate fully and easily integrates with tons of shopping carts and hosted site builders such as BigCommerce, a very popular e-commerce platform. If you use BigCommerce, you should be extra happy about this because Shopgate is so easily integrated into BigCommerce. You won’t have to worry about data transfer or correcting any missing info. No programming knowledge is needed, and it keeps the style you’ve established for your web-store. The combination of BigCommerce’s platform and the customer outreach and ease of use of Shopgate will give your e-commerce site a major boost especially in customer retention.

Start selling on mobile quickly with Shopgate

Shopgate has some powerful features right out the gate. Not only is it easy to manage, with one admin able to control multi-platform apps, but you also won’t have to worry if what you designed will look good in both iOS and Android, and you can double check and easily make any changes you need. The integration of Shopgate is also incredibly powerful; instead of starting from scratch you can incorporate your current data, giving you a major head start on being ready to sell. There are multiple tiers of service for Shopgate, giving you options to only get what you need.

The most effective part of Shopgate is its ability to turn your “mobile-friendly” website into an “optimized for mobile” web-store application. Not only is mobile a huge boost for your SEO, giving search companies like Google a good reason to boost your rankings higher, but it’s also a great way to build customer loyalty and increase your conversions. Not having a site fully optimized for mobile will only hurt you as time goes on.

Let us help you set up a payment solution for a platform like Shopgate before you lose any more sales!